Announcing Faribault for Target video transcript

The camera pans over a muddy brown river surrounded by green trees.
Water rushes into the river.
MAN: One of the great things about Faribault is that it's a unique small community feeling.
A blue pickup truck drives past a white house with a green roof.
Two women sit on the front porch of a white house.
Cut to Bruce Smith Field. The top of the sign, a flagpole, and light poles are visible.
MAN: Everyone is going to cheer for you.
Boys wearing football helmets and jerseys run across a grassy field.
A group of boys in football gear stand together on a grassy field. They raise their football helmets in the air.
MAN: If you get behind, they're gonna help support you.
Then, the camera pans across the top part of side-by-side buildings in Faribault.
MAN: Little country town in a middle of a metro region.
A long shot reveals trees and the tops of buildings in downtown Faribault.
Cut to water rushing into a river from a dam. A large building sits in the background. Gentle music plays.
Then, a shot reveals the sign for the Faribault Woolen Mill.
A light turns on in a darkened room, revealing a workshop. Various wool clothes are stacked on different tables.
An old man wearing a white t-shirt stands in the workshop.
MAN: Faribault Woolen Mill has always been known for their quality.
A close-up reveals a wooden crate full of fresh wool.
Steam rises from a large machine in the workshop.
MAN: And not only made in the USA but made in Faribault.
A man turns a lever on the top of the machine, sealing it shut.
MAN: We here made it. (laughs)
A close-up reveals chains moving inside of machinery.
MAN: We're doing it here at this little mill with these...
The camera sits in the middle of blue wool as a machine pushes.
A machine pulls blue wool forward.
Large spools of green, yellow, and blue wool stand in rows.
MAN: What are now older equipment.
Various tools hang on a wall.
MAN: And in a lot of cases, they do better work than the modern equipment.
A bearded man wearing a blue plaid shirt stands in the workshop.
A foot pumps a pedal.
A pair of hands push fabric through a sewing machine.
MAN: We still do it the old way, but it's the quality way.
A man holds plaid fabric, pushing it through a sewing machine.
The old man wearing a t-shirt stands in the workshop, speaking.
A woman stands and smoothes fabric on a board.
Fabric covers part of a window. A woman stands outside.
A woman stands in the workshop, placing items in a machine. Fabric moves behind her.
MAN: Once you start here, you don't leave, for some reason.
Machinery moves up and down. A loom weaves woolen plaid fabric.
MAN: We've got employees that are in their--close to 80 years old, actually, working now in here.
The loom moves up and down. An old woman stands behind machinery, staring intently.
Spools of dark wool sit lined up in rows.
MAN: I don't think it's just for the money.
The old man wearing a t-shirt stands in the workshop, speaking.
MAN: I think they want to pass on and keep this place going too, like I do.
A man sits at a desk in the workshop.
A close-up reveals the man to be the old man in the t-shirt. He writes in a notebook.
Gates move. A man pushes up the top gate to reveal the stacks of fabrics in the workshop.
A close-up reveals a stack of wool fabric with a note pinned to the top of it.
A woman sits at a table, sewing fabric pieces.
A woman stands cutting fabric with a blade.
Two women hold a large piece of wool fabric, folding it, and stacking it upon other wool fabric.
The bearded man wearing the plaid blue shirt stands in the workshop, speaking.
MAN: It's not just manufacturing.
A woman pulls wool fabric out from machinery.
MAN: It's actually an art to create these type of products...
A woman's hands guide fabric through a sewing machine.
The hands press on a freshly sewn tag, which is revealed to be exclusively for Target.
MAN: And it's always gonna be the best that we can make here.
A long shot reveals the outside of the Faribault Woolen Mill and river beside it. The white "Made in the USA" logo for Target's Faribault Woolen Mill Company Collection pops in the middle of the screen. The screen fades to black.