Design for All video transcript

A ticking sound plays over soft music as a suspension bridge spans across calm water. Cars speed over the bridge, then a different angle shows them in black and white as a street plan. An aerial view of a city turns into a blueprint. A blonde woman gazes at two computer monitors and a laptop screen as she sits at a desk wearing a headset. She types with her feet, using a jumbo keyboard with large lettering. WOMAN: So, the medical definition is that I have a disability. A spoon on a robotic arm scoops up food, and she leans forward and takes a bite. In a bathroom, she leans over as a blow dryer on the counter dries her hair. WOMAN: But the only time I really think about my disability is when I’m challenged with a product that I can’t use. Now, she walks down a city street. She doubles over to try to get a grip on a doorknob, but she can’t get the door open. She straightens up in frustration. She sits on her couch and interviews. WOMAN: And then I hack it, and then I can use it. A woman kneels in front of her and slips a covering onto her big toe. The blonde woman uses a touchscreen with her feet. MAN: What great designers do is they’re able to sort of look at and find those common touch points. The other woman points. WOMAN: Uh-huh, it works. Yay! WOMAN: Yay! Okay. The man interviews in his office. MAN: And figure out how to design something that’s going to work for all of them. Colorful clothes line a rack, and a woman brushes her hand over them as she walks by. WOMAN: Clothing is a way to form self-expression and connectedness, but it’s also a way that you become disconnected with a community. An aerial view shows a bustling crosswalk. A little girl runs up her front walk wearing a backpack, and her mother lets her inside. The girl giggles. Photos show them together. WOMAN: Hi, Eleanor. Being a parent of a special needs child and a designer, I definitely look at things in a very different way. Eleanor tugs on a pair of boots. In a classroom, she sits at a table with other children and plays with blocks. A little girl sews, and the mother looks at a shark onesie on a hanger. WOMAN: I always look at function first. A team looks at parts of the onesie. MAN: What’s going to be interesting is who rises up as the future icons of design, and what’s their background? Where are they coming from? A boy in a jersey stands in a circle of people and looks at a smart phone. Someone uses a seam ripper. A little girl plays with a box of sand at a table. A truck drives past a maroon house. The view passes a dilapidated home. WOMAN: From the outside looking in, it was a pretty dangerous place, but to us, it was the community we knew as home. A woman passes a worn-down building. Now, she wears a hard hat as she unrolls building plans. WOMAN: As long as I can help the next generation coming up behind me, that’s what I feel like my purpose is. Now, at an outdoor event, she sits with a girl and looks at sketches. They both wear white shirts with pink writing that say 400 Forward. Kids scream and laugh as they swing on a playground’s tire swing. Color floods a sketch of a house marked with notes for Asphalt Roofing, Shake Siding, and Horizontal Siding. WOMAN: I mean, it all starts with talking about design, talking about our humanity, talking about our emotions. A woman helps a little girl look through cutouts of women in different poses. The blonde woman attends an event. Two women, Nicolette and Jessica, wear nametags as they peer closely at some stitching in a piece of clothing. A brown-haired woman in a blue shirt high fives a girl wearing glasses. WOMAN: Yes, girlfriend! Woo! Now, a woman brings a fluffy unicorn onesie into a living room. Two little girls smile, and the younger one cuddles the onesie as the woman grins. WOMAN: What is that? The older girl hugs her little sister. GIRL: It’s a unicorn. Two women stroll across a bridge with a city skyline in the background. A kid tinkers with a machine. Eleanor’s mother kisses her nose as they color together. MAN: To do really great design, let's not design for people. Let's design with people. White text appears over a black background. ON SCREEN TEXT: Design for All White and green text appears over a black background. ON SCREEN TEXT: Now Streaming ON hulu #DesignForAll