Target's Aira Service for Guests video transcript

A cat-shaped loading symbol circles at the top of a light blue screen. A message icon and refresh icon display at the bottom of the screen. A beep chimes.

Camera footage of two shelves full of holiday ornaments appears on the screen. The message and refresh icons display at the bottom of the screen.

Two people speak to each other.

BRENTON: Hello, Steven, thank you for calling Aira. My name is Brenton. What would you like to do today?

STEVEN: Yeah, hi. I'm at my Target store, where I shop pretty often, so I knew where things are, but I'm looking for some ornaments.

The camera footage minimizes and falls into the lower right corner of the screen. Four icons display at the bottom of the camera footage: one icon with three dots, one refresh icon, one camera icon, and one red phone icon.

The camera footage returns to full-screen as the two people talk to each other.

The camera moves slightly from left to right and then pans slightly inward on a box of snowman ornaments.

STEVEN: My kids are really excited to start decorating our tree, and so I know I'm in the ornament aisle here, but I just want to see if I can find anything like animals, snowmen, things like that, and just get some description of those.

BRENTON: Absolutely. So directly ahead of you on the upper shelf, there are--there is a box. It's a square box. It has three ornaments on it. Each of them is a snowman head. So the ball type of the ornament is a snowball's--is the snowman's head, and they're wearing a top hat. There's three of them, and the only difference is, their top hats are different colors. One is a sparkling one--sorry, one is a sparkling red, one is a sparkling light blue, and one is a sparkling green. To the right of that is directly in front of the camera to the right.

The camera moves slightly to the right.

Steven reaches out a hand and touches a box of penguin ornaments sitting on the shelf, feeling the surface of the box.

BRENTON: There is ornaments which are four penguins. The four penguins are identical other than the scarves that they are wearing. One is light blue, one is green, one is red, and one looks to be a very light pink. That's that one. That one is the--that one is the four penguins.

STEVEN: Okay, perfect.

BRENTON: And--yep.

STEVEN: Okay. Yeah, great. That's, I think, all I needed. I'm actually gonna go ahead and buy these online, I think, so I don't have to take them with me today, but--but I wanted to get a sense of the size and the description of them, so that is all I needed.

BRENTON: Absolutely. Okay. I hope you have a good day.

STEVEN: You too. Thank you.