Thinking of You English video transcript

The white Target Bullseye logo appears against a plaid background. Upbeat music plays as the logo expands to reveal Target's dog mascot, Bullseye, sitting on the front porch of a house. He barks at the camera and turns to enter the house. A series of doors open to admit entrance to families arriving for Christmas festivities. WOMAN: For all the season's greeters... A woman smiles at a group of friends on her iPad screen. A man takes a turkey out of the oven. A smiling group of people pass food around a dining room table. WOMAN: For all the Thanksgivers... A man and woman clink mugs of hot chocolate together. A small child sits in the middle of her stuffed animal collection. A woman decorates a gingerbread house. A small boy steals a mini marshmallow from the kitchen table and runs away. WOMAN: For the gingerbread architects... Two children stand outside in the snow. A man plugs in an extension cord, causing the family room window to light up. The children jump up and down in excitement. WOMAN: And the lighting Jedi... A girl pins artwork on the kitchen fridge. A small boy frowns at the camera as lipstick marks appear one by one on his face. He dodges behind a couch and peaks out. WOMAN: For the mistletoe dodgers A woman opens closet doors to reveal a little girl shaking a wrapped present. She looks sheepishly up at the camera. WOMAN: And gift detectives... A girl runs around the Christmas tree, flying a LEGO vehicle. A girl lights candles on the menorah as a woman watches. WOMAN: For the family historians... A girl dances in her living room. A girl twirls in a tutu, brandishing a blue lightsaber. WOMAN: And tradition twisters... A green hand reaches for Christmas cookies perched on a window seat. A note reads "For Santa." WOMAN: For the midnight snackers... Children jump up and down on their parents' bed. WOMAN: And human alarm clocks... A family gathers around the Christmas tree. Target's dog mascot, Bullseye, chases his tail on the front porch. A man holds up a pink camera and snaps family photographs. WOMAN: For all the families big, small... A family gathers around the kitchen table. Two children play in front of a magic castle playset. A child sitting above them on the stairs sprinkles fake snow on the scene. WOMAN: Chosen, and frozen... A robot moves back and forth in front of a wrapped gift. WOMAN: Whatever you give... A family plays dominoes. A family cooks together. Two women arrange decorations. A family toasts at the dining room table. WOMAN: However you gather... White text appears against a plaid background. The Target Bullseye logo appears onscreen. ON SCREEN TEXT: Thinking of you WOMAN: We're thinking of you.