A Pillowfort Playroom Makeover video transcript

Kyle and Shira push young children on a swing set in a park near a lake. A white Target Bullseye appears in the middle of the screen before turning into a heart. Light music plays. Kyle and Shira sit in front of a kitchen and address the camera. KYLE: I'm Kyle. SHIRA: I'm Shira. Makenna smiles as she's pushed on the swings. KYLE: We have two incredible daughters, Falyn and Makenna. Falyn smiles as she climbs up a slide towards the camera. Makenna slides down a twisting green slide. KYLE: About a year and a half ago, we started understanding that Makenna had a lot of sensory challenges and concerns. Kyle and Shira sit together near the kitchen. ON SCREEN TEXT: Kyle & Shira Parents of Makenna and Falyn Makenna holds onto metal bars on top of a playground. She wears a colorful flowing cape. KYLE: Whether it was the clothes she was wearing, the environment she was in, it started to become a major challenge for our family. The family sits on a blanket in the grass near the lake. Makenna runs and kicks a soccer ball in the grass while carrying another soccer ball. The family runs towards the lake. Shira and Kyle sit in front of the kitchen. SHIRA: I would cut every tag off, try and make seams smoother. Makenna focuses on mixing something in a bowl indoors. SHIRA: Everything just would irritate her and that would just set the tone for the rest of the day. Makenna walks around the camera in circles. Makenna holds a piece of paper and writes on it with a pencil. KYLE: When you can't find products for your kids, it's an incredibly isolating experience. Shira watches as Makenna pulls a marker from a cup and sits at a drawing table. Tonya and Katie look down and point at something on a table. TONYA: When we heard about Makenna and her story, we knew we had to do something to help her and her family. Katie and Tonya sit in a white room in front of mannequins dressed in Pillowfort clothes and fabric swatches on the wall and address the camera. ON SCREEN TEXT: Katie & Tonya Pillowfort Product Designers Tonya places adhesive circles onto a design layout in a large book. KATIE: With the Pillowfort sensory-friendly collection, we found that all kids want a place that they can be calm and a place to play. Tonya and Katie stand at a table and point to paper on the table. Katie removes a pillow from a large cocoon seat as Tonya feels the fabric and reaches into the seat. TONYA: From a cocoon seat that cradles like a hug to soft weighted blankets and plush that comfort and soothe. Tonya lays a pink weighted blanket on the table. Tonya holds a stuffed dragon and places it on the blanket. Katie folds the blanket over and reaches for a seam. TONYA: We also designed hidden closures to make products seamless and secure. Falyn runs to the front door, followed closely by Makenna. Katie and Tonya enter the house and shake hands with Shira and Kyle. SHIRA: The product designers at Target asked if they could come to our house to help Makenna not with just the clothes she wears but also with what she sits in, what she touches--to just help her on an everyday basis. Shira, Kyle, Tonya, and Katie sit at a large white table. Tonya takes notes as they all chat. Shira holds a piece of pink fabric in her hands. Shira and Kyle sit together near the kitchen. Katie and Tonya place cocoon seats on the floor. TONYA: To meet the needs of Makenna and her family, we incorporated a calming color palette, soft textiles, and durable products, and we can't wait to surprise them. Katie unpacks a Target box and pulls a stuffed pineapple pillow from it, before Tonya places it on a seat. A quick time-lapse video shows a group of people painting a room a light color and the room filling up with furniture. Katie and Tonya place pillows and a blanket on a couch in the room. Katie and Tonya hang stuffed animals heads on the wall. Tonya turns on a light box with colorful letters on the front. ON SCREEN TEXT: WELCOME MAKENNA & FALYN Shira enters the front door carrying Makenna. SHIRA: Oh my God. The room is shown with the old furniture and paint color on the wall before transitioning to show the new room with lighter colors and comfy furniture. KYLE: What do you think? SHIRA: Amazing. Shira points to the light box as Makenna looks on. KATIE: A lot of times we don't get a chance to see the families interact with all the products that we're designing. Makenna smiles as she looks at a lamp on a table. Shira wraps the weighted pink blanket around Makenna's shoulders. Makenna jumps from the couch onto a large cushion on the floor. KATIE: It's so special to be able to see that come to life. Katie and Tonya sit together and address the camera. Tonya holds the stuffed pineapple up to Makenna as Katie looks on. SHIRA: This experience has been really, really touching. Makenna reaches for the stuffed pink dragon. Shira begins to cry as Kyle smiles and looks on. Katie places a tiara on Makenna's head as Falyn hugs Tonya. KYLE: Knowing that there are product designers at Target creating a full set of sensory-friendly products that support Makenna and Falyn too, it really means the world to us. Kyle, Tonya, Katie, and Shira all hug. Kyle smiles as he looks around the room. Makenna hugs the stuffed dinosaur and kisses it on the head. Falyn flops from the couch to the cushion onto her stomach and smiles. Kyle, Makenna, Falyn, and Shira sit together on the couch. Falyn and Makenna sit on separate cocoon seats with stuffed animals and books. A white Target Bullseye appears and turns into a heart.