Collaborators Series Trailer video transcript

An open burner on an industrial gas range stove. An arm reaches down to ignite the burner, blue and red flames rise above the stove top. A silver tea kettle with decorative accents appears on top of the burner. Yellow, orange, yellow, pink and red spools of thread in an industrial sewing machine. Jason Wu sits at a desk, sketching with marker in a notebook. There is an unadorned mannequin behind him. The top half of a pink and blue printed dress. A different view of the same dress shows the inside collar with red Lilly Pulitzer for Target tag. The same pink and blue print, on a tea cup. A hand with pen knife, the blade cutting through a pink and green floral print. A woman in a denim apron sits a table in a workshop, examining her work under a lamp. A man holds up one end of a sheer white scarf. The scarf is decorated with a black and red cat print. Another man, wearing a denim shirt and jeans. He's shuffling through a pile of vintage illustrations of flora and fauna. A blond woman with bright pink lipstick holds a green-and-white printed spaghetti strapped dress. Inside a gallery or house. Wooden -framed pictures and two small, metal busts sit on easels around an open door. Interior view a workshop, a series of earth-toned landscape paintings hang unframed on the walls. One of the paintings is displayed on an easel on top of a cluttered desk. Street signs in New York City show the intersection of Fashion Avenue, 7th Avenue and West 40th Street. A bald man in a black t-shirt walks through a busy crosswalk. The same man inside a whitewalled studio, adjusting the layers of red sheer fabric on the waist of a dress. A different man and woman examine a wall full of blueprints. The prints are variations on the design of a chair with a ladder or stairs leading up to the seat. Black and white egg-shaped chess pieces are arranged on a checkerboard. The tide washes onto a beach shore, covering a seashell that was resting in the sand. The bodice of a brightly-colored, printed dress with white embroidery. A woman’s back, she’s wearing the same printed dress on the beach. White text appears. ON SCREEN TEXT: Collaborators Two Xs and the Target Bullseye logo A table top and wall in a busy workshop, decorated with colorful paintings and drawings of plants and animals. A John Derian book sits atop the table. Two Xs and the Target Bullseye logo. White text appears. ON SCREEN TEXT: ON SCREEN TEXT: #target20