Trailer: 20 Years of Design for All video transcript

Fluorescent lights shine down inside a factory. Light electronic music plays. Red and pink flowered fabric rolls down from high machinery, creating folded layers of the fabric on a wooden block. Blue and green flowered fabric slides underneath a machine. The machine hisses. Close up shot of scissors cutting fabric. A woman, wearing a sweater, uses a craft knife to mark a circular piece of pink flowered fabric. WOMAN: I believe that good design should be accessible. The camera pans over an old architectural building. A woman in a white shirt walks next to the building dragging a zigzag-designed wheeled luggage bag. A woman in a tropical jumpsuit walks next to a bush and holds her hand out to touch it. WOMAN: We live our lives in structures with objects, touching, feeling them all day long. Why shouldn't they be beautiful? A variety of artwork clutters the wall of a small studio. Someone pulls out a drawer to reveal flower and fruit artwork. The camera pans over miniature buildings, a clock, and other artwork items on a desk. WOMAN: Why shouldn't they function the way they are supposed to function? Quick shots of brightly-colored clothes hanging on a rack. The camera pans over egg-shaped chess pieces. Someone holding a chess piece pushes another chess piece over. WOMAN: Why should that be a classest situation or a financial situation? The camera pans over a variety of kitchenware. Someone turns on a burner on a gas stove and places a kettle on top. The kettle shrieks causing the twirled knob on the spout to spin. WOMAN: Why can't we all have access to that? It doesn't really make sense. A man, wearing glasses and black button-up shirt, speaks to the camera. MAN: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But this is the truth. The man in the black button-up shirt colors in a design with a colored pencil while sitting in a studio. Mannequins stand behind him. MAN: There really is nothing that separates high and low. A man, wearing earrings and a black T-shirt, fluffs up a pink dress. The man walks across the street at an intersection. The man talks to the camera. MAN: Owning something of quality is no longer limited to a class of people. A woman wearing a blue and pink-spattered shirt shows a man, wearing a camo hat, a rack of clothing. A woman, wearing flower-patterned pants, pushes a wheeled mannequin. A woman, wearing a grey and black dress, pins a blue fabric square to a wall full of fabric squares. WOMAN: You just have to look at the essence of the human being needs regardless of their background, regardless of their demographics, regardless of what they come from. The woman in the grey and black dress talks to the camera. WOMAN: You have to think about inclusion. Quick shots of drawers lined with brightly-colored fabric squares. Someone using a nozzle hose waters plants and flowers. WOMAN: Design is... WOMAN: An emotional connection... A woman in a black blouse speaks with other women while standing in front of a board with a variety of post-its and pictures. She holds up a red medicine bottle with a caution label on a flat panel while holding a common orange medicine bottle in her other hand. A close-up shot of two red medicine bottles and a syringe in a foam cut-out package. ON SCREEN TEXT: E.P.I. Educate Prevent Ingest MAN: An instigator of change. WOMAN: It's about availability.. A person wearing pink nail polish uses a stylus to make changes to a red jacket design on a tablet while sitting at a desk in a bedroom. WOMAN: Or people with disabilities... WOMAN: Or challenging society. WOMAN: Design is a way of improving the life experience. A woman, wearing a yellow dress, speaks to the camera in an art gallery. Two white X's appear next to a white Target Bullseye logo. The X's and logo create a shadow on a white background. Ethereal music plays. The X's and Target Bullseye fold back into the background. Embossed text fades in and out. ON SCREEN TEXT: Design for All ON SCREEN TEXT: Coming Soon