Shared Stories video transcript

Common, the rapper, shares a stage with Laysha Ward. They both sit in gray office chairs with a small end-table and water glasses between them. The stage is lit with a standing lamp, and a heavy black curtain forms a backdrop. An audience sits close to the stage.
LAYSHA: I am a huge, huge, huge proponent of purpose.
LAYSHA: And so as I hear you talk about purpose, it's certainly something that speaks to me personally. And in fact, in the book, you say that it's-- the book is not just a declaration or a statement. It is a statement of purpose.
LAYSHA: And so Target is a purpose-driven company. Our purpose is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. And so I would love for you to share with us, how do you live a purpose-driven life...
LAYSHA: Personally and professionally? And what does "purpose" mean to you, Common?
COMMON: Wow, that's a beautiful question. Thank you.
The camera shows a brief close-up view of Common smiling and then returns to a view of the stage.
COMMON: To align my personal with--with my professional is very important, because I have to look at myself in the mirror and know that what I'm doing in my professional life I have to live with.
He continues speaking in close-up.
COMMON: I go--like, when I do music, I have to go back to communities that are affected by this music. And if I'm not speaking the truth, it's gonna be hard to look myself in the mirror and look the people who I'm speaking for and representing, so I think another thing when it comes to purpose that I feel--excuse me-- is very important, it that, like, no matter what opportunity is put before you, if it's not aligned with your purpose, it may not be the best deal for you...
LAYSHA: That's right.
COMMON: Or the best job for you or the best relationship for you, you know, because I believe when we're talking about purpose, every person that comes in your life should be aligned with purpose, and even if that means they are challenging you...
LAYSHA: Right.
COMMON: 'Cause as we just talked about backstage, it's, like, you know, my team challenges me. They ain't like, "Yo, everything you do is fresh." They're like, "No, that's [inaudible].
LAYSHA: We were having a family moment. Literally we were having a family moment backstage. We were like, "Ooh, she's throwing shade at you."
COMMON: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know.
LAYSHA: It was good. It was good.
The camera switches to a far shot of Laysha and Common onstage.
COMMON: But I--you know, I feel like you can appreciate the shade when it's with the right intention.
LAYSHA: Exactly, exactly.
As the audience laughs, the scene fades to black.