Meet Sarah, Product Designer video transcript

Sewing materials are laid out on a white background.

Two dolls rest on the left side of the screen while fabric samples and balls of colorful yarn frame the shot.

White text and the Target Bullseye logo appear.

ON SCREEN TEXT: We believe everyone deserves to be seen and celebrated.

Sarah speaks to the camera.

White text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Sarah Designer - Pillowfort

SARAH: Growing up, it was always so exciting to find a doll that looked like me.

Sarah and another woman sit at a table. Sarah holds a doll with purple hair as the woman takes notes.

A little girl reaches up and pulls the doll out of a box on the shelf. She smiles and hugs the doll tight.

SARAH: That's what inspired me to create these dolls for kids today.

Three dolls are laid out on a table.

The camera looks on from above as two pairs of hands select swatches of fabric.

The Target Bullseye logo transforms into a white heart