Meet Victoria, Senior Product Designer video transcript

Sewing materials are laid out on a pink background.

Two bras frame the right side of the shot and a tape measure is curled next to a sketchbook and fabric swatches.

White text and the Target Bullseye logo appear.

ON SCREEN TEXT: We believe there's no body like you and that's beautiful

Victoria sits at a table. She draws in a sketchbook that shows a female model dressed in lingerie.

A woman sits on a couch and examines a bra strap while a second woman takes notes.

A woman is fitted for a black bra.

VICTORIA: When we were designing Auden, body positivity and size inclusivity were the most important things to me.

Victoria speaks to the camera.

White text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Victoria Sr. Product Designer - Auden

A woman poses for a camera phone in a nude bra.

Patterns and stencils are laid out as hands reach across the table.

A red bra band sports an Auden label.

VICTORIA: I want every woman to feel confident...

A woman wearing jeans and a bra admires her reflection in a mirror.

VICTORIA: And know that their body is beautiful.

Pink bras in various styles line a wall.

Signs labeling the pieces as "lightly lined," "push up," and "unlined" hang above.

The Target Bullseye logo transforms into a white heart.