Meet Kim, Textile Designer video transcript

Craft materials are laid out on a white background. Colored markers, scissors, and drawings of shirts and backpacks line the shot.

White text and the Target Bullseye logo appear.

ON SCREEN TEXT: We believe every kid should be the author of their own story.

Kim and a young boy sit at a table drawing with colored pencils.

Kim speaks to the camera.

White text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Kim Textile Designer - Cat & Jack

KIM: For Cat & Jack, we designed directly with kids.

A little girl holds a drawing of a rainbow backpack.

KIM: We really want to empower them and showcase things that they're actually passionate about.

A blue shirt with rainbow sequins on the front hangs on a wall. A hand removes it and Kim displays it for the kids.

KIM: When I was a kid, I was super into science and math.

Two little girls hold hands and walk through the park.

The Target Bullseye logo transforms into a white heart.

KIM: It's really exciting to create artwork for kids who are just like me.