Drive Up by Target video transcript

A red Target Bullseye logo appears on a white background. Upbeat jazzy music plays. In a baby's nursery, a woman stares at and taps on a smartphone. In a close-up of the phone screen, a package of diapers is visible. She taps an empty box and a red checkmark appears inside. Then a red button appears. She taps it.

ON SCREEN TEXT: diapers Diapers Size 2 - 17ct Up&Up drive up

ON SCREEN TEXT: place order

In a bright Target aisle, a hand holds a smartphone. On its screen, another red button is visible. A finger taps the button.

ON SCREEN TEXT: drive up order received accept order

A hand grabs a bag of baby wipes from a shelf. Stacks of wipes have different colors, from green to red to blue.

ON SCREEN TEXT: fresh scent baby wipes

The employee grabs a box of diapers with a photo of a baby on it, then a box of Happy Baby baby food.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Happy Baby bananas, beets & blueberries

A plastic bag with the words "drive up" and a car with a bag in its trunk sits next to the box of diapers on a white table. The employee scans the items with a device, which beeps upon reading them. Outside, the woman holds her phone. The "drive up" car symbol appears on it. She taps a button.

ON SCREEN TEXT: on my way

A bright red pylon reads outside a Target store entrance reads "drive up." The car symbol sits at the top of it. A parking sign also shows the car symbol.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Reserved drive up

A gray SUV pulls into a parking space with the number "2" and "drive up" painted on it. Inside the store, the employee hears the horn honking, reaches down and taps his device. He walks from the entrance, holding the plastic "drive up" bag and box of diapers. The employee hands the bag to the woman in the SUV. The "drive up" symbol on the bag morphs into a more full-sized version against a white backdrop.

ON SCREEN TEXT: drive up

The Target Bullseye logo appears in red.