Chickapig Comes to Target video transcript

A man, Brian Calhoun, speaks into his phone, surrounded by Chickapig merchandise.

BRIAN: Hey, man, great news. Target wants Chickapig. Every Target in the whole country.

In a living room, two men, a woman, and two children gather around a coffee table immersed in a game of Chickapig.

A bearded man, Dave Matthews, responds on his phone as he studies the board.

DAVE: Don't do that.

Brian speaks into his phone, flustered.

BRIAN: What?

The girl slides a piece forward on the Chickapig board.

Dave looks at her shakes his head, while palming his phone.

DAVE: I don't think that's a good idea.

Brian yells into the phone.

BRIAN: What?! This—it’s good for Chickapig!

The boy leans forward over the coffee table to point at a piece.

BOY: (whispering) I win.

Dave buries his face in his hands, still palming the phone.

DAVE: Ugh, this game is driving me crazy.

Brian presses a plush Chickapig doll against his face.

Dave smiles as he glances at the phone.

DAVE: Brian, can I call you back?

Brian stares ahead in confusion, holding the door.

Dave holds up a finger.

DAVE: So one more game.

An animated cow grazes against a white backdrop.

In the foreground, a blue Chickapig dashes onscreen and slips on a pile of cow manure. It lands headfirst on the pile, causing manure to slosh up and fill the screen.

The manure slides away, revealing the Chickapig logo written in black text. Additional black text and the Target Bullseye appear at bottom.

ON SCREEN TEXT: CHICKAPIG available at [Bullseye Logo]