vineyard vines for Target video transcript


Music: “adventurous instrumental music”

Birds fly by in the clouds, as a small red and white sailboat sails through the blue sea below. Bullseye the dog is sailing the boat.

A giant pink whale tail appears from the sea behind him. The whale breaches the water, offering Bullseye a kind smile.

Bullseye barks with excitement and high-fives the whale’s tail.

SFX: Dog barks, hand clap

The whale kicks its tail, rocking the boat and sending Bullseye gleefully into the air.

SFX: Water splashing

Bullseye is caught by a jet of water from the whale’s spout ...

SFX: Water spraying

...And lands gently on the whale’s back. Both smiling, they head out to sea together.

Text: vineyard vines for Target Arriving May 18 Limited Time Collection