Target Takeoff - Girl + Hair video transcript

Camille: I think it's important for my daughter to realize natural beauty isn't only one beauty. It's unique. Her natural beauty is her own. My name is Camille, I'm the founder of Girl and Hair. I've always worn my hair up in a protective style. That can mean braids, it can be twists. It's about this freedom to wear your hair however you want. So, we would stalk the beauty aisle. Like, "Why isn't there something that I can find to take care of my hair in a protective style?"

Camille: And my husband Josef was like, "Well, why don't we just create something?"

Josef: A couple of years into running the business we are realizing that we can get this real big. So, when I heard about the Target Takeoff Program I thought, "This is a great opportunity. We have to do this."

Emerald: Target Takeoff is a great program for us to be able to find those cutting edge brand new brands, and help them along their journey. It was such a good feeling to tell Camille and Josef that we were going to give them business on Target shelves.

Josef: For both of us it's a dream come true.

Camille: Yeah. It's going to be amazing.

Josef: Look at that. This is crazy Camille. Can you believe it?

Camille: No.

Josef: This is fantastic.

Camille: This journey has been really. Incredible. Oh, baby.

Josef: We did it, we did it. There are no limits. We can achieve amazing things.

Camille: For Josef and I, it's really important to leave a legacy for Mila. We want to leave her with this drive to be brave.