Meet Akanksha Hazari video transcript

Akanksha Hazira, dressed in a black floral shirt and pink sash, speaks to the camera in a sunny room in front of some whiteboards holding colorful clippings. White text appears at the lower right and remains onscreen for several seconds.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Akanksha Hazari, m.Paani Founder & CEO
AKANKSHA: For as long as I can remember, I've heard my mother telling me that the value of your life is measured by the difference you make in the people's lives around you. And so that was my starting point for deciding what I want to do with my life. m.Paani is the first and only mass-market loyalty program that's empowering small businesses and the next billion Indians to achieve their aspirations. Imagine a loyalty program where you can earn points for every rupee that leaves your wallet. This is a loyalty program that aims to change people's lives, so you can use these points you're earning to pay for your bills, your electricity bills, your phone bill. The dream is eventually we could get people to actually share their points-- like, imagine a village or a town pooling in their points and actually using it to pay for infrastructure. Vital Voices gives women a place where they can learn from other women, and they can be trained to become better leaders and to achieve the bold visions and missions they've set out for themselves. I'm Akanksha Hazari, and I'm a vital voice.
A split screen features the A New Day logo on the left against a white background, and the Vital Voices logo on the right against a turquoise background.
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