A New Day + Vital Voices video transcript

Stylized text appears on a white and aqua green split screen.
Michelle Mesenburg speaks to the camera in front of a women's clothing display. White text at the lower right shows her name and title.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Michelle Mesenburg
Target Marketing SVP
MICHELLE: We have brought together A New Day, one of our flagship own brands, and Vital Voices to create a special capsule collection.
Alyse Nelson speaks to the camera in front of a similar display. White text to the lower left shows her name and title.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Alyse Nelson
Vital Voices President & CEO
ALYSE: At Vital Voices, we believe that we are venture catalysts. So what we do is we search the world for women with a daring vision for change. And really, we help them to take that bold vision to scale.
Ariela Suster speaks to the camera in front of a Vital Voices display. White text at the lower right shows her name and title.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Ariela Suster
Vital Voices Leader, El Salvador
ARIELA: The most amazing thing that I get from Vital Voices is that mentorship and that access to a network of women around the world.
The camera pans down to reveal a combination A New Day/Vital Voices display. A mannequin wears a pink sweatshirt reading "I AM A VITAL VOICE." Then Michelle continues speaking to the camera.
MICHELLE: Vital Voices and A New Day is a perfect fit, because it's really around wanting to build confidence in women, wanting to give them a sense of empowerment.
A close-up in the display focuses on a T-Shirt reading "USE YOUR POWER TO EMPOWER." Alyse continues speaking.
ALYSE: We've never had a partnership quite like this.
Women gather at the display racks, examining the clothing and other accessories including journals, a "be courageous" greeting card, and a purse. Alyse continues speaking.
ALYSE: It gives us the opportunity to bring these inspiring voices and stories of women around the world, and here in the United States, right into people's homes.
Women gather and listen as a store representative shows them collection items spread out on a shelf. Michelle continues speaking.
MICHELLE: Part of what makes this collection so special is the way we went about designing it.
Women smile and laugh, looking at various Vital Voices clippings on a whiteboard in the display area. Michelle speaks.
MICHELLE: We just let our designers sit down with these women and hear their stories and get inspired. And from there, we designed the line.
Jamira Burley speaks to the camera in the display area. White text at the lower name gives her name and title.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Jamira Burley
Vital Voices Leader, USA
JAMIRA: These clothes say that you can be attractive, you can be soft, you can be feminine...
Smiling women move around the display area and examine the slogans on the Vital Voices gear.
JAMIRA: While also getting work done and being in charge at the same time.
Women continue moving through the display area. Ariela speaks.
ARIELA: It's not just about the clothing, but it's about the energy that this clothing, when you put it on, makes you feel, but not just makes you feel but makes you act.
Michelle speaks in close-up.
MICHELLE: We're able to give the work of these women a larger stage and a larger voice...
Close-ups show slogans on the Vital Voices gear, such as "be courageous" and "I AM A VITAL VOICE."
MICHELLE: And provide visibility to their work. And to be able to partner that with one of our own brands and celebrate that work together, it's pretty cool.
Alyse speaks to the camera.
ALYSE: If we inspire thousands of women across this country...
A woman beams as she tries on a black-and-white scarf. Another woman gazes at a grey "be courageous" sweatshirt. Alyse speaks.
ALYSE: To think a little bolder, to act a little bigger and to have that vital voice, imagine the ripple and the power of that.
A red Target Bullseye appears on a white backdrop