Inside Bullseye Lodge video transcript

Outside an urban commercial building, a line of people stretches around a corner bearing a plaque with white lettering over a large white Target bullseye logo. Members of the crowd in line wear thick winter coats and hold cups of coffee. ON SCREEN TEXT: Target Plaza Inside, people unzip their coats and mill around an oversized cabin-like structure in a large open space. Lines form within stanchions along the perimeters of the space. ON SCREEN TEXT: BULLSEYE 20LODGE18 MN Red-painted and natural colored split firewood logs are arranged, ends facing out, in a Target bullseye logo on the side of a cabin-like structure. Another firewood rack holds split logs in a graphic rendering of the shape of the state of Minnesota. A T-shirt hangs near a graphic sign with a cabin amid tall pines over text and a Target bullseye logo. ON SCREEN TEXT: TEAM 2018 NORTH BULLSEYE LODGE FAN SHOP Crowds walk through the space, past the signs and displays. A fire crackles in a concrete fire pit. People pull clothing from racks. A hand swipes a hexagonal card at a plaque on a podium bearing a blue mug. ON SCREEN TEXT: NORTH BULLSEYE LODGE TAP HERE TO ADD TO YOUR CART $15 Another hand swipes a hexagonal card at a plaque on a podium bearing a package of hand warmers. ON SCREEN TEXT: TAP HERE TO ADD TO YOUR CART $1.00 PAIR OF HAND WARMERS ON SCREEN TEXT: BULLSEYE LODGE From high above the open space, a red cube descends like a gondola along a diagonal track. Inside, the cube is filled with red reusable shopping bags. At its terminus, a woman pulls a box full of the red shopping bags into a concrete booth and examines the contents. ON SCREEN TEXT: FAN SHOP DELIVERY ON SCREEN TEXT: BULLSEYE LODGE Another woman carries an armful shopping bags to a rustic wooden counter, where coat and sweater bundled women wait. ON SCREEN TEXT: BULLSEYE LODGE FAN SHOP PICKUP A sign hangs over a rustic log cabin wall. Below, women wearing red buffalo check plaid rush and pour liquid from spigots into paper cups. A hand sets three cups full of liquid on a countertop. A man in a parka carries a cup away. ON SCREEN TEXT: MUG O' MOOSE COCOA CAFÉ A woman peers into a white machine and slides a rack of white disks inside it. A hand sets a paper cup full of liquid and topped with a marshmallow bearing the photograph of a smiling woman on a round tray. ON SCREEN TEXT: BULLSEYE 20LODGE18 MN Two signs sit on tabletops. ON SCREEN TEXT: #BULLSEYELOD ON SCREEN TEXT: SHARE YOUR PHOTO ON SOCIAL! #BULLSEYELODGE Women line up in a candy kiosk. ON SCREEN TEXT: M&M'S' AND SKITTLES' SWEET SHOPPE A white cartoon Bullseye dog sits near a goal post, a cartoon man sits on a sled on a hill, geese stretch their wings in flight in a white cartoon landscape that rotates in the large open space. Nearby, a fire crackles in a fireplace surrounded by a cozy cabin scene. Two women sit in armchairs in front of the fire, smile, and clink mugs while another woman snaps a photo with her phone. ON SCREEN TEXT: BULLSEYE LODGE Outside, white shelves are lined with neon green cans of Mountain Dew Ice. A hand picks up a can from an icy surface. ON SCREEN TEXT: MOUNTAIN DEW ICE ICE BAR In front of a packed stadium backdrop, people line up and take turns catching a tossed football while bystanders snap photos. ON SCREEN TEXT: SCORe END ZONE MVP People hold red shopping bags and warm their gloved hands over a crackling fire. People stand in shoes on a small ice rink and use hockey sticks on stands to shoot a puck at the nets. They smile and cheer. A man throws a mock curling stone down a lane toward a red Target bullseye logo. Its wheels bump and catch on debris in the lane. Inside, employees smile and wave from behind a log cabin countertop. More employees smile and wave from behind marshmallow photo machines. A line of women crowd together, holding a hashtag sign and smiling. ON SCREEN TEXT: #BULLSEYELODGE A man and woman sit on a ski lift chair in front of the rotating cartoon display waving hashtag signs and smiling. ON SCREEN TEXT: #BULLSEYELODGE #BULLSEYELODGE A large red Target bullseye logo appears over the smiling couple. A white Target bullseye logo and white text details appear on a black background. ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW behind the scenes at Target read more at • follow us at @TargetNews