The Target House dining room gets a makeover video transcript

A Target Bullseye slides to the left to reveal a heart and a St. Jude Children's Hospital logo. Soft music plays. ON SCREEN TEXT: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Chip and Joanna, a young couple, are arranging a kitchen. Chip unfurls a white table runner and Joanna sets a decorative candle on top. CHIP: One of the things that really drew us to the partnership with Target was the idea of being able to give back to our community. Chip and Joanna sit on a couch, being interviewed. ON SCREEN TEXT: Chip & Joanna Gaines Chip and Joanna study blueprints. Joanna sets decorative vases on a row of tables. Chip attaches a large sign, reading "together is the place to be" to the wall with a drill. CHIP: As we started wrestling with how we could accomplish that, the idea of participating in a project here at Target House really became a no-brainer. Caron Byrd being interviewed. ON SCREEN TEXT: Caron Byrd Director of Patient & Family Housing, Target House CARON: We are so excited to have Target with Chip and Joanna here designing our new dining room space. Chip hangs a banner reading "Coffee Bar" in a community kitchen. CARON: Families come from all over the world. Lizzy, a bald girl wearing pajamas and a hospital bracelet sits with a woman at a table drawing pictures in marker. A Target House banner is visible in the background. CARON: They're all fighting a common battle. Their children have been diagnosed with cancer, and they come to St. Jude looking for a cure, and Target is a partner in that search for a cure and helping us have a warm and comfortable home for our families. A close-up of Lizzy's floral artwork. A handmade poster reads "Hope, Love." Joanna continues decorating the communal kitchen with a set of ceramic mugs. Chip opens a cabinet and Joanna arranges books and crafts on the shelf. JOANNA: We really wanted to make sure that this space felt like home away from home. A view of the sparse, undecorated dining hall dissolves into a view of the completed space, with plants on the tables, new furniture, and elegant lamps hanging from the ceiling. ON SCREEN TEXT: Before ON SCREEN TEXT: After Framed pictures of children's artwork adorn the walls. JOANNA: One of my favorite things is the art work that the children did. That to me is the picture of hope. Joanna arranges table decorations. A candle burns on one of the tables, and pillows have been added to the seats. Chip sets ornamental rugs against the wall. JOANNA: It's warm. It's welcoming. It really celebrates everyday moments, and I just can't wait for the families to see it, can't wait to meet them. A close-up shows a "Together" tag among the table decorations. Chip and Joanna walk through the dining hall, pushing in chairs. Lizzy gives an interview with a blonde woman at her side. ON SCREEN TEXT: Lizzy St. Jude Target House Resident LIZZY: I'm most excited about seeing Chip and Joanna because I love watching their shows. Lizzy walks through the dining hall on crutches, admiring the decorations, and speaks to Chip and Joanna. LIZZY: It always takes my mind off my treatment, and I'm just so excited to see their faces. The dining hall is now full of people. Chip and Joanna serve food to the St. Jude residents from behind the kitchen bar. CHIP: We want these kids to get better. We want them to get back home. If we can make them feel a little bit closer to home, even for a second, it's worth it. The Target Bullseye appears next to a heart and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital logo, which then slide behind the Bullseye, ON SCREEN TEXT: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital