Getting Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Week video transcript

The camera looks up at a cardstock banner shaped like a red ribbon, emblazoned with white text. ON SCREEN TEXT: WONDERSHOP Christmas ornaments are displayed on the walls and in bins at the base of Christmas trees in a Target store. A motorized Santa Claus doll slowly climbs up a red ladder. Janna Potts sits in front of a white display of Christmas sweaters and trees. White text appears below her. ON SCREEN TEXT: Janna Potts EVP, Chief Stores Officer JANNA POTTS: So I have probably been doing Black Fridays and holidays in retail for almost 30 years. It's chaos, but it's about having fun, because everybody's working those days. You're in the store together. You're in the store together. A Target employee in a navy T-shirt assists a woman in a plaid scarf. She holds a stack of coasters as he gestures to merchandise off-screen. JANNA: Staffing has been already a huge win this year. We will go into Thanksgiving having met our staffing goal at 100%. Janna speaks to the camera. JANNA: That was over 100,000 team members that we wanted to hire. The camera pans along a line of "Star Wars" toys in white boxes, including blaster guns and stormtrooper helmets. JANNA: We've, for a couple of years, have supported the digital business through order pickup and ship from store. Mannequins wearing sweaters stand before a white banner depicting the "A New Day" logo. JANNA: The biggest year ever for us in digital. Our ship from store capabilities are massive. Home d├ęcor sits on shelves, including a kettle and pepper shakers. JANNA: And it's not just Cyber Monday but we're actually looking at it kind of as Cyber Week, what our volume is gonna be. Janna speaks to the camera. JANNA: 1,418 stores, to be exact. Mike McNamara speaks to the camera in a control room lined with computers and television monitors on the wall. White text and the white Target Bullseye logo appear below him. ON SCREEN TEXT: Mike McNamara EVP, Chief Information and Digital Officer MIKE MCNAMARA: Getting the site ready for the volume around the holiday season is a yearlong effort. A man wearing green headphones works at a computer. A woman in a white sweater works at her computer. MIKE: The tech teams have been working at this since the Tuesday after Cyber Monday last year. A man and woman stare at a wall of TV monitors showing data. MIKE: From September on, our teams are in all night, putting as much load as they can on the site to make sure that we've got the volume, the capacity, to manage all of our guest orders. Mike speaks to the camera. MIKE: We're gonna have a cracking deal for--for Cyber Monday. We're doing a 15% site-wide offer, so we're expecting a lot of traffic. A Target employee assists a woman. The converse before a wall of televisions. JANNA: It takes an army to pull off this weekend, but we are really good at this. Janna speaks to the camera. JANNA: I mean, this is what we gear up for all year long. Mike speaks to the camera. MIKE: You add the 15% on top of 5% off on your REDcard and free shipping, and I think we'll have one of the most compelling offers out there this season. An image of Mike fades to white. Black text and the Target Bullseye logo appear. ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW behind the scenes at Target ON SCREEN TEXT: read more at ON SCREEN TEXT: follow us at @TargetNews