MyCheckout with Mike McNamara video transcript

A white-haired man, Mike, stands in front of aisles of shelving filled with decorative pillows and other décor. He talks to the camera.

Chief Information & Digital Officer

MIKE: Hi, I'm Mike McNamara, I'm Chief Information and Digital Officer for Target. Our guests tell us time and time again how much they love shopping in our stores...

Guests and an employee descend an escalator in a busy Target store. Mike continues talking to the camera.

MIKE: How it brings a wee bit of joy into their everyday life. In any digital future for Target, stores are gonna be at the heart of it.

The camera pans over racks of clothing under a large red sign. Mike continues talking to the camera.


2 Beauty Bedding & Bath Home Décor
1 Baby & Toddler Boys & Girls Grocery

Housewares Pharmacy Womenswear Menswear Tech

Toys & Games

MIKE: Guests already enjoy shopping here, but we can also ship direct to their home from our stores. The future of retail will neither be digital nor physical--it'll be both. Recently, our teams have been testing...

An employee approaches a guest in a Target aisle, packed with colorful merchandise. The guest holds up a blanket in a package and the women talk inaudibly. Mike continues talking.

MIKE: A new feature we built to help guests as they shop in our stores. We've created a new app that we call MyCheckout for the handheld devices...

The employee takes the packaged blanket from the guest and scans it with a handheld device.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Scan or Search

MIKE: Our store team members use. It allows a team member to help make an online purchase for a guest right on the sales floor.

The employee holds up the device for the guest to see. A red pillow is visible on the device screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Item Information
Triangle Stitch Pillow Sham (Stand

online $10.99

MIKE: With a new technology, store team members can quickly check to see if we've got the item a guest is looking for, either online or at another store. And if we do, the store team member...

The employee flips the device over and the guest inserts a credit card into the chip reader. In a close-up, an order confirmation page is visible.


Your order is on its way!
An email confirmation will be sent to the guest shortly.
subtotal $10.99
discounts - $0.55
REDcard 5% Discount

MIKE: Can take a guest's payment, place the order online, and have the item shipped right to the guest's home. It's a terrific example of how better technology and improved supply chain and our enhanced online assortment can help solve the problem of when a store doesn't have...

Back to the screen displaying the red pillow on the device. The employee's fingers tap another color selection and the pillow turns green. Mike continues talking to the camera.

MIKE: The right size or color. The service will be available chain-wide just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Black text appears next to a Target Bullseye logo on a white background. More black text is visible at the bottom of the screen.

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