Target United Cup video transcript

A soccer goal sits on a grassy field on a misty morning. Sunlight shines behind a yellow flag planted at the corner of the field. The goal net waves in a soft breeze. A man and several boys gather on the field, one of the boys juggling a soccer ball. Light instrumental music plays. William White, dressed in a fleece with the Target United Cup logo, stands on an outdoor soccer field on a sunny day, speaking to the camera. Behind him, a crowd sits along the sides of the field watching a soccer match. Black text in a white box with red borders slides onto the screen in the lower left, then slides off. ON SCREEN TEXT: William White Senior Vice President, Marketing, Target WILLIAM WHITE: We are committed to really helping grow the sport at the youth level, and so Target has made a $14-million commitment to youth soccer from now to 2020. Two men move a soccer goal into position. An aerial shot reveals crowds of people lining the sides of several soccer fields, watching various matches. A person wearing soccer shoes kicks a white soccer ball into several other colored balls on a red mat. Men stand on the sidelines of a soccer field watching a match. Red tented displays decorated with white Target Bullseye logos and a white tented display with the Target United Cup logo are staged on the edge of the field. WILLIAM: Part of that money goes to help youth soccer in terms of equipment, in terms of player registration fees, coaching clinics. Players sprint across various soccer fields and kick balls along the sidelines. Dramatic shots reveal various players kicking soccer balls across the fields. WILLIAM: And then we are also turning 100 play spaces, underutilized spaces across the country, into soccer play spaces to really help grow the sport at the youth level. Chris Moore interviews in front of a red and white Target United Cup pavilion. Black text in a white box with red borders slides onto the screen in the lower right, then slides off. ON SCREEN TEXT: Chris Moore CEO, US Youth Soccer CHRIS MOORE: Target is equally as committed as we are to growing the game of soccer, and we couldn't be more proud and honored to be partnering with Target. A distant shot shows a booth set up at the corner of a large park with a red Target Bullseye logo sign and the words "United Cup Village." A close-up reveals a silver cup with the Target United Cup logo. Kids roll soccer balls down on a paved path. An artist draws a caricature face on an electronic pad set on an easel. The face appears on a large screen set against the wall of a pavilion. The camera pans up to show the Energizer logo and Energizer Bunny printed on the side of the wall. CHRIS: The impetus behind doing an event like the Target United Cup is, we're not only uniting families and uniting parents and communities and soccer players, but we're also uniting Target's employees and its vendors. An overhead aerial shot reveals a circular space filled with red canopies and white umbrellas set up on a broad, grassy field. William continues interviewing. WILLIAM: For Target, we didn't choose the sport of soccer; we followed our guests there. Several soccer matches take place across a broad grass field on a sunny day. Young players sprint across the fields, passing soccer balls. WILLIAM: The sport of soccer today is one that is multigenerational, with adults to kids both playing and viewing. It's multicultural, and it's really one that is enjoyed by both boys and girls, men and women alike. A group of young players chase after a ball during a match while a referee in a yellow shirt looks on. Sound of indistinct chatter and a whistle blowing. MAN: Go, go, go. The screen fades to black. The white Target Bullseye logo and white text details appear. ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW behind the scenes at Target read more at · follow us at @TargetNews