Welcome to Target Herald Square video transcript

The camera pans down a dark wooden wall featuring a large Target Bullseye logo and text. ON SCREEN TEXT: Welcome to Target Herald Square SHANNON: Welcome to Target Herald Square. My name's Shannon Buhro, and I'm the district team: leader for the New York City metro stores. ON SCREEN TEXT: Shannon Buhro District Team Leader A man walks by a large red and white Target advertisement on the sidewalk. SHANNON: We're super excited to be in this location. Shannon stands in front of the wooden wall and addresses somebody off-camera. SHANNON: This is our first midtown Manhattan store. A street sign is shown against the city backdrop. ON SCREEN TEXT: West 34th St A red banner covers a barrier on the sidewalk. It features white and black text, along with a Target Bullseye and heart. ON SCREEN TEXT: Target Herald Sq SHANNON: So, this location is really curated for the guests that are gonna be shopping in this area. Shannon is shown in front of the wall, speaking to someone off-camera. Shelves of hats are shown, along with lots of plush Bullseye the dog toys. SHANNON: So we expect that we're gonna have a lot of tourists and lots of New York City professionals, that on-the-go New York City person who needs to come in and grab something quickly, so we have a grab-and-go grocery assortment. A wall with colorful splotches of paint is shown, along with shelves of clothing. ON SCREEN TEXT: HARRY'S Shannon stands in front of the wooden wall. A woman reaches for a food package off of a shelf and walks off-screen. Shannon speaks to someone off-camera. SHANNON: We are super excited to offer same-day delivery out of the Herald Square Target. Items from the Project 62 collection are shown on a display. SHANNON: The busy New York City person needs, really, that extra convenience to get items to their home that are hard to carry on the subway, delivered straight to your home that day. Shannon addresses someone off-camera. The subway entrance for 34 Street-Herald Square Station is shown. ON SCREEN TEXT: 34 Street-Herald Sq Station BDFMNQRW Shannon is shown in front of the wooden wall. SHANNON: A small-format strategy at Target allows us to really get into urban smaller neighborhoods where we can offer a smaller, curated assortment of merchandise that's specific to the neighborhood. A man holds a Harry's razor package and examines the box before walking away. A woman picks up a candle and holds it up to her nose. A Halloween section of the store is shown off. ON SCREEN TEXT: Gift'n Go Shannon is shown in front of the wooden wall with text on it. SHANNON: There's a beautiful piece of LEGO artwork, and it was actually designed by a local LEGO artist, Sean Kenney. An red and white design showing city scenes is shown behind several mannequins. Colorful children's clothes are shown hanging on racks. SHANNON: We partnered with Print All Over Me where we're actually featuring five New York City-based artists that are carrying exclusive products that you could only get at Target. ON SCREEN TEXT: PRINT ALL OVER ME Shannon is shown speaking in front of the wooden wall. SHANNON: You're gonna see great apparel from all the unique brands that you can find at Target: A New Day, Joy Lab that we just launched, Cat & Jack, Goodfellow & Co, and also Project 62 in our home department. A banner for A New Day is shown amongst racks of clothes and purses. A hand reaches for a Joy Lab tag that is hanging off of a rack of clothes. A card featuring the Cat & Jack logo stands amongst the racks of clothing. ON SCREEN TEXT: SAY HELLO TO Cat & Jack Kids clothing with an imagination of its own. A sign for Goodfellow &Co is shown behind a mannequin wearing a gray stocking cap and yellow sweater. ON SCREEN TEXT: Goodfellow &co The camera moves through an aisle containing Project 62 items. SHANNON: We also are offering elevated beauty experience in this store and a full grocery department, including fresh produce. A hand reaches for a bottle of colorful nail polish. Apples and bananas sit on an island in the middle of the grocery section. Shannon speaks to someone off-camera. SHANNON: We're just so excited to be here in Herald Square, and we have nearly 200 team members that we've hired from the New York City area that are gonna be able to serve our thousands of guests every day. A Target employee in a red sweater reaches for a set of silverware off of a shelf and hands it to a customer. Shannon is shown in front of the wooden wall. The camera pans down a tall skyscraper and shows the red Target banner on the barrier. ON SCREEN TEXT: Target Herald Sq The screen fades to white and a black Target Bullseye appears next to black text. ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW behind the scenes at Target The screen fades to black.