Celebrating 50 years at Target video transcript

Jim Gerard, an older man, rides a personal transporter through a warehouse. Upbeat music plays. JIM: My name's Jim Gerard. I'm a mechanic at Target Distribution Center T551, Fridley, Minnesota, our first distribution center. Jim, wearing glasses and a green collared shirt, sits and speaks to the camera. Inside the warehouse, aisles of pallets are stacked high with boxes. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: I've worked for Target for 50 years. The camera travels down a wide aisle in the warehouse. Boxes and pallets are visible. JIM: I actually started with Target kind of before I was old enough to work. The camera travels down a brightly lit aisle. Shelves full of products are visible. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: I was 12 or 13 years old. Jim turns the pages of a photo album containing pictures of an older couple. JIM: My father was the manager of the lumber, the hardware. Jim holds the album open to a page containing black-and-white photos of a smiling older man. A man places a cardboard box on a conveyer belt. JIM: He had my brother and I come in and help with inventory. Three men remove boxes from a conveyer belt. A woman removes an item from a cardboard box on a conveyer belt and places it inside another box on a shelf. JIM: We would go around and help people get what they needed. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: It was just something ingrained. A still photo shows Jim and his wife standing together by a lake in autumn. Both are wearing sunglasses and smiling. I met my wife through Target, and at that time, I was working in the receiving department. Jim continues speaking to the camera. Jim holds a faded photo of himself up to the camera. He's seated, dressed in a U.S. military uniform and wearing a helmet. JIM: When I enlisted, I'd gotten engaged. Jim holds another photo of himself up to the camera from his time in the service. He's wearing a formal hat, jacket, and tie. Handwritten text is visible underneath. ON SCREEN TEXT: James P. Gerard Audrey Sundell's Grandfather June 1970 - Dec. 1971 Korea JIM: She worked there while I was gone in the service. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: I was in love, so I came home a month and a half sooner than she expected me. Jim removes a large picture from a manila envelope and holds it up to the camera. It's a monochrome photo, with a greenish tint, of Jim and his wife on their wedding day. JIM: I walked in and surprised her. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: Target was there when I needed a job. They were there when I came back from the service. A man removes cardboard boxes from a conveyer belt and places them on a pallet. JIM: I stopped in at the distribution center to see if they were hiring. A man drives a forklift through the warehouse. JIM: Then I became a mechanic, and I've worked in that department since. Carrying a tool in his left hand, Jim walks through the warehouse. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: Helping customers in the stores through our work here at a distribution center-- that's our goal and our job. The camera pans across the warehouse as boxes move on a conveyer belt, a man in a red hoodie places a box on a pallet, and a man drives a forklift in reverse. A man scans a barcode on a cardboard box, then pushes a button on the scanner. JIM: When you go looking for something, you want to find it. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: You don't want to have to go somewhere else. Boxes with green labels move along on a conveyer belt. A woman wearing a scarf removes one of the boxes and places it on a pallet with other boxes. Two men organize the stack of boxes. JIM: People are usually in a hurry. If they can find everything and get it back home, it's all a continuation of fulfilling that need and satisfying that desire. JIM: Jim continues speaking to the camera. Jim uses a screwdriver on a piece of equipment. JIM: It is enjoyable to fix things and solve problems for other people. In a series of close-up shots, Jim adjusts pieces of equipment and tightens screws on a machine. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: There's always something different. Not just every day, but several times a day, you're solving different things, and it's challenging and it's rewarding. A close-up of Jim's shirt as he's working reveals a radio clipped to his front pocket, above which is an embroidered red Target Bullseye logo and white text. ON SCREEN TEXT: TARGET CORPORATION Jim holds the radio to his mouth and speaks. Riding a yellow personal transporter, Jim drives toward the camera and smiles. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: I've made so many good friends here. A man wearing a green shirt walks by and grins at the camera. A gray-haired man operates a machine. JIM: We have company picnics in the summer... Jim holds up a series of photos. He points to someone at the bottom edge of a large group of people. Three people wearing costumes smile at the camera, and the woman on the right is wearing a white dress decorated with red Target Bullseye logos. On a Christmas card, Jim is dressed as Santa and smiling with his wife, who wears a festive sweater. Small white text details are visible on the card. JIM: Hayrides in the fall, kids' Christmas parties where I got drafted to play Santa for many years. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: It's a good bunch of people, hardworking people. In the warehouse, a woman in an orange shirt smiles and nods. Jim laughs. The gray-haired man and Jim talk and laugh. JIM: Just rewarding to interact with them, laugh with them. A close-up reveals Jim's laughing face. JIM: They're what makes it work. Jim continues speaking to the camera. JIM: I'm gonna be retiring up here shortly. I'll look back and--and realize what working at Target has provided for me and my family.