Exploring the New Target Mobile App Features video transcript

Mike McNamara stands in an aisle of a Target store and addresses someone off-camera.

Chief Information and Digital Officer

MIKE: Hi, I'm Mike McNamara, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Target. Guests tell us again and again how much they love shopping in our stores, how shopping at Target brings a wee bit of joy into their everyday lives.

Guests ride on an escalator down to a lower floor inside a Target store.

Mike addresses someone off-camera.

MIKE: And I want our digital experiences to be every bit as delightful as shopping in one of our stores.

The lower level clothing section is shown from the view of riding down an escalator.

MIKE: Stores will be the heart of Target's digital future as great places to shop, great places to ship from, and an easy and convenient place for guests to return unwanted items.

Mike addresses someone off-camera.

MIKE: We're working on new ways to blend digital technologies with stores to enhance the shopping experience, and I want to tell you about some improvements we're making to the Target app.

A hand holds a smart phone with the Target app running on its screen. It scrolls and taps through the app.

MIKE: We're moving Cartwheel, a program that has saved our guests over a billion dollars in store purchases, into the main Target app. That means guests now have one place where they can map out their store trip, get great deals from Cartwheel and the weekly ad, check out Target's online and in- store assortments, and make online purchases.

The camera follows a man from behind as he walks through a Target store.

The screen is split in two. The left half shows the man walking through a Target store holding a smart phone, running the Target app. The right side shows a map of the store with a beacon moving through it above an assortment of headphones.

MIKE: We're rolling out beacon and Bluetooth technology that shows your location on the app's map as you move throughout the store.

Mike addresses someone off-camera.

MIKE: It's a bit like driving your car with GPS.

A hand taps and scrolls through the Target app.

MIKE: Just click on an item from you list, and the app will indicate on a store map the precise aisle where you can find your item.

A smart security camera sits on a shelf in the Target store. The Target app shows the same camera on the phone and indicates that it is on sale.

MIKE: It'll even tell you if the product's on sale, so you never have to miss out on an opportunity to save.

Mike addresses someone off-camera.

A man reaches for the package of the smart security camera package and takes a picture of its barcode using his phone.

MIKE: And this promises to make it easier than ever to find what you're looking for so you can fill up your cart and get on your way.

Mike looks into the camera.

MIKE: And all of this is just a small preview of what's to come. We're only just getting started.

The screen fades to white and black text appears, along with a Target Bullseye.

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