new brands marketing video transcript

A woman dressed in a sunset orange top leans back on a stool and kicks her feet in the air. She dances with an older woman in a plaid flannel shirt. A woman twirls in a blue skirt. A group of stylishly dressed women dance together behind the Target Bullseye logo. Zanna sits and speaks to the camera against a white background. Grey text appears below her. ON SCREEN TEXT: Zanna Roberts Rassi Target Stylist, Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor, E! News Correspondent & Style Expert ZANNA: A New Day is one of the most versatile collections I've ever seen. A woman in a polka-dot dress and bright lipstick dances in front of the camera. A woman in a brown jacket over a grey sweatshirt swivels back and forth. A woman in a green jacket dances. A woman in a bright yellow skirt winks at an unseen person off-camera. ZANNA: Every single piece in this entire collection can be worn in so many different ways. A woman in a white sweater spins around and dances. A woman in a brown trench coat poses for the camera. Karolina sits in front of the camera in a sunset pink sweater and black hat. Grey text appears below her. ON SCREEN TEXT: Karolina Kurkova Model, TV Personality & Entrepreneur KAROLINA: You know, these clothes are so easy to wear. You really can dress it down. You can dress it up. It's comfortable. A woman in a denim jacket pulls up the collar and smiles. She speaks to the camera against a blue and white door. White text appears next to her. ON SCREEN TEXT: Kristen Kish Chef & Cookbook Author KRISTEN: I mean, it's well-tailored. It's simple. It's classic. It doesn't go out of style. The models embrace and laugh against a white background. Paloma sits against a white background and black curtain. Grey text appears to her left. ON SCREEN TEXT: Paloma Elsesser Model & Style Blogger PALOMA: It's super inclusive, and it's not limiting in how somebody should be dressing. Paloma twirls across a white background. Zanna sits against a white background. ZANNA: And the quality of the pieces is such that it's gonna see you through season after season. Kristen stands against a blue and white door. KRISTEN: There's nothing not to love about it. A close-up shot of "A New Day" brand green, maroon, and grey sweaters. Groups of men in jeans and tailored shirts walk with poise towards the camera. A man in a black jacket bounces a soccer ball on his head. A man in a tan jacket dances in front of a camera. The camera pans up over a well-dressed man in a blue sweater. ZANNA: Goodfellow and Co. It's the most wonderful basics, but then some really well-tailored special pieces. Zanna speaks to the camera. ZANNA: I think guys are gonna be super happy and surprised when they go into Target. A man in a blue sweater dances and points at the camera. Danell sits in front of camera equipment. White text appears next to him. ON SCREEN TEXT: Danell Leyva Olympic Gymnast DANELL: I'm a very active person. You know, I'm always moving around. And these clothes, as you can tell, it's formfitting, but at the same time, it lets me move around a lot. And it's very, very comfortable. Danell does flips against a white background. DANELL: I kind of like this outfit a lot. I'm either gonna steal this-- shh-- or I'm just gonna go buy it later. A man dribbles a soccer ball against a white background. Robbie sits against a white background. Grey text appears to his right. ON SCREEN TEXT: Robbie Rogers Professional Soccer Player, L.A. Galaxy ROBBIE: I love these jeans. They're nice and slim, comfortable. There's a little stretch to them. From everything I've worn today, although I've liked a lot of different things, I think these jeans are my favorite. The camera zooms in towards a tan pillow with the Goodfellow & Co logo stitched to a white patch on the front. Quick shots of home décor items, including pillows, framed pictures, and an ottoman. Athena sits in front of a white background. Grey text appears to her left. ON SCREEN TEXT: Athena Calderone Interior Designer & Author ATHENA: I'm a lover of modern home décor. I think it's all about the mix. Athena dances in a stylishly furnished dining room. ATHENA: I think that your home should express your personality, so I think that the Project 62 line is definitely the perfect base for a modern home. Quick shots of a white piece of fabric with the Project 62 logo stitched onto the tag, dinnerware, cabinets, and chairs. Spot the dog runs across a living room set. ATHENA: Their materials that they're using, mixing metals, the woods that they're choosing, the palettes, you know, I feel like there's a lot of flexibility in a lot of the pieces. A white wall is transformed into a stylish living room as pieces of furniture and deco appear as if by magic. Athena dances across the room. ATHENA: Target is not only on-trend, they somehow find a way to be ahead of the trend, which is pretty amazing. Zanna sits in front of a white background. ZANNA: It's always quality. And it's always super reasonably priced. I mean, what more do you want out of a collection? The "A New Day," "Goodfellow & Co," and "Project 62" logos appears against a white background.