Bring Your Rey Game video transcript

A red Target Bullseye logo shoots forward onto a white background. Then a red profile silhouette of the character Rey from the movie "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" shoots forward. Dramatic pop music plays.  The silhouette transforms into a video frame and expands, revealing a woman in a park dressed in costume as Rey. She flourishes a long staff, resting it on her shoulder as she leans into a wide stance and stares into the camera with a look of stern resolve.  In a wooded area, a young woman, also dressed in Rey costume, holds up a glowing blue lightsaber.  A young woman wearing a black gi and black belt strikes forward with her palms as she looks down into the camera.  A young woman in gymnastics clothing stares into the camera as she claps her chalk-coated hands together, sending a plume of chalk billowing into the air.  A woman dressed in black in a concrete and glass area rapidly flourishes a short staff, twirling it over her head before throwing it behind her back with her left hand and catching it with her right while stretching down into a low, wide stance.  A girl in a pink helmet and pads rides a skateboard up the wall of a concrete bowl and tilts back down while clutching the edge of the board.  In an outdoor covered walkway, a woman holding a glowing blue lightsaber flips through the air.  A young girl, wearing a headset and microphone, rides in the back seat of a jet plane as it performs a barrel roll. She stares up at the ground above her through the jet's window and smiles wide.  Women dressed in Rey costume stare resolutely ahead.  A woman dressed in workout clothes steps forward and flourishes a glowing red lightsaber.  Red text shoots forward onto a white background, intercut with shots of various women dressed and posing in Rey costume.  ON SCREEN TEXT: Bring Your Rey Game  In a rocky outdoor area, a woman in Rey costume flourishes a glowing green lightsaber above her head as she crouches down. Another woman in Rey costume crouches down on the ground holding a long staff. The profile of her hair tied back into a row of three small buns transforms into the red profile silhouette of Rey on a white background.  Red text flies forward under the profile. Small text appears at the bottom. The red "Star Wars" logo flies forward. Then a red Target Bullseye logo appears above a red hashtag and small text.  ON SCREEN TEXT: Force Friday  at Target 9.1  ON SCREEN TEXT: © Lucasfilm Ltd.  ON SCREEN TEXT: #ShareTheForce  ON SCREEN TEXT: The Bullseye Design is a registered trademark of Target Brands, Inc.