Inside our Nicollet Mall store video transcript

The Target Bullseye logo is embossed on the front of a glass door. The camera pans left, revealing the sleek, modern interior of a Target store.  Fruits and vegetables are displayed in wooden cases. Customers peruse through the produce section.  Joe Perdew, dressed in a red checked shirt and tan jacket, stands in front of a checkout lane. White text and a white Target Bullseye logo appear below him.  ON SCREEN TEXT: Joe Perdew  VP of Store Design  JOE PERDEW: I'm Joe Perdew, the vice president of store design at Target.  The camera pans left across the produce section. A woman in a denim jacket selects a red shopping basket from a stack and enters the store.  JOE PERDEW: When you think about designing a store today, you can't design it like we did 20 years ago.  A man selects a bottle of juice from a refrigerator case and examines the label.  JOE PERDEW: It's not about just the physical environment.  The camera pans across a display case filled with sandwich options. Joe speaks to the camera as customers browse behind him.  JOE PERDEW: You have to make sure it's about physical, digital, and human elements of the store.  A man in a red Target vest hands a woman an orange shopping bag.  Customers walk in and out of a large, sunlit entrance lined with windows.  JOE PERDEW: We wanted to make sure we delivered that in our flagship store here in downtown Minneapolis.  A woman's manicured hand selects a nectarine from a display box. She hands it to the baby in her arms, who munches happily.  JOE PERDEW: So in our food and beverage space, we've doubled the size of our fresh areas downstairs.  A woman selects a sandwich from a black display case labeled "Grab & Go."  ON SCREEN TEXT: Grab & Go  A woman selects a bottle of white wine from a shelf displaying a wide variety of bottles.  JOE PERDEW: So we've done our best to make sure that the guest gets what they want as fast as they can.  The Target Bullseye logo appears on a line of television screens. On each screen, the logo expands rapidly, replaced with a red screen and the word "ready" in white.  ON SCREEN TEXT: ready  A pair of hands scan the barcode of a red box.  JOE PERDEW: And the digital portion of this experience we're trying to create is about enabling automated shopping...  A close-up shot of a red Target shopping basket resting in the crook of a woman's arm as she walks down the sandwich aisle.  JOE PERDEW: Extending the aisle.  The camera wipes to a woman at a register assisting another woman. The camera pulls back to reveal a shiny red wall with white text reading “Exchanges & Returns” across the top. A line of registers sits below.  Another shiny red wall shows the Order Pickup area.  JOE PERDEW: When you look at our Exchanges & Returns and Order Pickup space, we've actually separated the two counters...  A man brings an orange shopping bag out to the front counter and opens it, showing a woman the contents. She smiles, takes the bag, and walks away.  JOE PERDEW: Trying to make sure that the guest that has purchased something through Order Pickup can get in the store, get their item, and get out as quickly as possible.  A close-up shot of a red shopping basket shows a hand placing items inside. A group of customers peruse line of refrigerated dairy cases.  JOE PERDEW: And then when you think about the human element, much warmer environment.  The shot expands to reveal a sleek, grey-walled Starbucks. Customers order coffee and sit and chat at tables. A man's hand picks up a straw and beverage from a shiny, grey countertop.  JOE PERDEW: So inspiration for that space includes the 360-degree layout of our Starbucks space.  A stylishly-dressed mannequin in a grey top poses in front of a rack of clothes.  JOE PERDEW: Great mannequins.  Intricately carved wooden panels depicting a variety of shopping bags, vehicles, and buildings are displayed on a wall.  JOE PERDEW: Artwork that really tells a great story about not just Target and the Daytons family, but also about Minneapolis.  A brightly-colored makeup section is lit by circular light fixtures on the ceiling.  JOE PERDEW: It also includes beauty. Remodeled and updated.  A line of coffee mugs with the image of the state of Minnesota stamped on the sides sit on a white display case. A white sign sits above them, depicting the blue state of Minnesota with white text over the top.  ON SCREEN TEXT: Made  in  MN  JOE PERDEW: Locally relevant moments.  A line of potted flowers sits on a white display shelf. A white sign with black printing rests against them.  ON SCREEN TEXT: MINNESOTA GROWN  The camera pans across a line of plush living room furniture, including a futon, coffee table, and chairs.  JOE PERDEW: Feels much more like a specialty store than anything we've done in the past.  Joe Perdew speaks to the camera. Customers browse behind him.  JOE PERDEW: It's about inspiration.  Customers peruse the makeup section. The camera pans across a list of foundation pallets displayed in a well-lit case.  JOE PERDEW: What's really inspired Target to design this flagship experience is the guest.  A woman smiles as she's handed a receipt at the register.  JOE PERDEW: For us, it was about making sure that it's easy and inspiring...  A woman bags her purchases. Customers check out at red self-serve kiosks.  JOE PERDEW: Making sure the experience was one that the guest would choose over other competitors in the retail market.  A woman scans a bottle of Elmer's glue across the self-checkout kiosk. She holds a box of Crayola paint in her other hand.  JOE PERDEW: The way the guest shops is changing.  The camera swings across a line of empty self-checkout kiosks. A display of bananas rests in front of them.  A man pulls a piece of paper out of a woman's shopping bag and shows it to her.  JOE PERDEW: So we want to make sure we help that guest choose Target any way they would like.  Three lines of Target Bullseye logos unroll across a white background.  Futuristic, circular light fixtures hang from the ceiling. The camera pans down to reveal grey artwork painted onto a white wall. It pans down further to fly over the clothing section.  JOE PERDEW: The downtown flagship store is just the start of what Target is going to deliver over the next couple of years.  Target Bullseye logos expand on a television screen that wraps around the walls of a circular entryway. The camera pans down to reveal shoppers browsing inside the Target store.  The entryway fades to black text on a white background.  ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW  behind the scenes at Target  ON SCREEN TEXT: read more at  ON SCREEN TEXT: follow us at @TargetNews