Inside Target's small-format stores video transcript

Crowds of people walk along city streets past different Target stores. Customers move through the interior of a Target store, pushing strollers, browsing clothes on racks, and buying groceries at the checkout counters. Funky upbeat music plays.  MARK SCHINDELE: Target's driving growth through all the great investments we're making to reimagine our store experience.  The camera pans a white and red Target store surrounded by a tall palm trees and a cloud-spotted blue sky.  Mark Schindele interviews in front of a white wall covered with overlapping embossed white Target Bullseye logos. White and red text in red and white boxes unfolds in the lower right corner as he speaks.  ON SCREEN TEXT: Mark Schindele  SVP Target Properties  MARK: As we continue to open flex-format stores, we're focused on three areas...  The camera pans the University of California sign set in gold text on a green, ornate fence outdoors. A large crowd of people passes through a tall, ornate green archway spanning a brick walkway on a sunny day.  MARK: campuses...  A row of baby blue bicycles with "Long Beach Bike Share" printed on their front baskets sit on a sidewalk across from a small grove of palm trees. Customers exit a Target store.  MARK: ...dense suburban areas...  The camera pans the downtown area of a large city. A reflective white Target Bullseye logo sits above a store entrance, across from tall buildings.  MARK: ...and urban neighborhoods.  Inside a Target store, a woman wearing a backpack and a puffy, teal-colored jacket pulls a Golden Bears T-shirt off a rack from among a variety of University of California clothing and decorative items. Other customers carrying baskets browse the store's Tech and Market departments. Then a woman in an olive green jacket carries her basket up to the checkout counter.  MARK: We then curate our assortment and our store design to what's right for the local neighborhood, and our guests love the experience.  A crowd of people move past the white and red Target store on a bright, sunny day. White and red text in red and white boxes unfolds in the upper left corner.  ON SCREEN TEXT: BERKELEY CENTRAL  Berkeley, CA  Neighborhood: College  The woman in the olive green jacket smiles as she walks through the green, ornate archway and across the University of California campus. Then she interviews as she stands in an aisle of the Target store.  BRITTANY: My name's Brittany. I'm a third-year at UC Berkeley, and we're at my neighborhood Target store.  Brittany pulls a red basket off the top of a stack, sets the basket on the floor, unfolds the long handle, and pulls it along the floor behind her as she browses among the groceries.  BRITTANY: What's most "Berkeley" about this store is probably the size and its location. Definitely in accordance to campus. It's pretty conveniently located. With class schedules being so crazy and, like, random, sometimes I'll only have an hour, so it's really easy to just come in and go out back to class.  People move among the aisles of the store. The camera pans a long wall decorated with graphic images of playing cards, chess pieces, and food printed with the word "Organic" in cursive. Brittany continues interviewing. Then she smiles and waves as she receives her bags at the checkout counter.  BRITTANY: I love most Targets just 'cause there's always that cheery, bright red, but I definitely love the artwork on here. I think it's really, like, custom and different. I grew up with my mom going shopping at Target, and now with this location downtown in Berkeley, I feel like Target's definitely growing with me.  A white Target Bullseye logo and white text appear on a black background.  ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW  behind the scenes at Target  read more at · follow us at @TargetNews