Celebrating grand re-openings in Texas video transcript

A large white bridge is shown with the city of Dallas, Texas, behind it. A Texas flag flaps in the wind. ON SCREEN TEXT: DALLAS, TEXAS A large metal sculpture stands tall as cars drive below it. The outside of a Super Target is shown. ON SCREEN TEXT: SUPER TARGET A line of red shopping carts are pushed through a parking lot. A Target team member holds up a red bag for a man and his children. People push shopping carts through the aisles inside Target and a team member holds a bunch of red balloons. A Target team member directs a woman and her children in the store. Two women pose in funny glasses with signs in a photo booth. BROCK: We're celebrating a re-grand opening. A Target team member walks through an aisle holding a bunch of red balloons. BROCK: It's cool to see the team come together. We've got 150 team members. Brock Robinson stands near the check-out stations and addresses someone off-camera. ON SCREEN TEXT: BROCK ROBINSON Store Team Leader BROCK: Huge remodel. The guests haven't seen one in this store in 17 years. Mannequins wearing colorful clothes stand near the racks of clothing. BROCK: It's almost like a Fourth of July fireworks show--their reaction, it's the oohs and the aahs. A woman leads a young boy to a mannequin that is bending over, and they shake hands. Visitors pose for pictures with Bullseye the Target dog. The Deli and Bakery sections of the store are shown. CATHERINE: One of the key features of these remodels that we've done here in Dallas are our new fixtures and layout across the produce area that highlight just the freshness and variety of produce that we feature. Produce is shown in baskets. Vegetables are shown lining a shelf. Catherine Helm stands in the Produce section and addresses someone off-camera. ON SCREEN TEXT: CATHERINE HELM District Team Leader CATHERINE: There's all updated new lighting. There's beautiful new LEDs that will really focus on providing just a fresh and exciting new experience here in Grocery. The Electronics section of the store is shown. Several mannequins stand on a platform in front of racks of clothing. SETH: One of the big shifts in a lot of our stores is style has moved front and center. Women browse the racks of clothing. SETH: Women's Apparel and ready-to-wear is one of our huge offerings here. Shelves of stools and tables line a wall at the back of the store. SETH: We also have a new offering-- Home Decor. Seth Hancock stands in front of racks of clothing and addresses someone off-camera. ON SCREEN TEXT: SETH HANCOCK Merchandising Director SETH: So the new environments have all new fixtures. It helps the guest kind of navigate through the shopping experience. A baby's crib is shown. A display of baby clothes is shown. Patio chairs are stacked in a line. A trio of mannequins wearing men's summer clothes stand together. SETH: It is pretty amazing. The teams have worked really hard to get to where they are today. Guests and team members walk through the aisles. The camera pans up and focuses on a red and white Target Bullseye made of balloons. The screen dissolves and shows the words on the outside of the store. ON SCREEN TEXT: SUPER TARGET