Nate Berkus Father's Day Decor video transcript

A small red Target bullseye logo appears in a white box of black text over a geometric black and white patterned print.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Hosts a Father's Day Lunch
NATE: Hey, guys, these are my tips for throwing a simple Father's Day lunch.
A scruffy man with curly brown hair, Nate, stands in a bright dining room talking to the camera. ON SCREEN TEXT: Nate Berkus

Interior Designer

ON SCREEN TEXT: Choose something dad will love.

NATE: We're doing a sort of Mexican theme because dads love tacos. I love tacos. I'm a dad. I can vouch for that being the truth.

Nate holds up a corn tortilla in front of his face. He peers through two small holes at eye level before lowering the tortilla mask and grinning.

ON SCREEN TEXT: A casual taco bar

is a no brainer.

NATE: Set up the tortillas. Set up all the ingredients in a little basket.

A close-up of a natural fiber basket filled with small prep bowls filled with various taco ingredients: Shredded cheese, black beans, chopped tomatoes, cut up chicken, lime wedges.

NATE: Dad can make his own tacos. The kids can make their own tacos.

Nate spreads a black and white patterned tablecloth over the dining table. Then he sets black and white patterned plates atop jute chargers on the table.

ON SCREEN TEXT: An unexpected table cloth will make your décor

feel special.

NATE: As far as the décor, we want it to feel a little bit special. Easy way to do that, the first layer is a tablecloth which could be a beautiful piece of fabric that you find. The dishes are a pattern from my Target collection.

A close-up of the tablescape reveals geometric patterned napkins sitting folded atop the patterned plates. Nate continues talking to the camera as he sets the table.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Upgrade to cloth napkins.

NATE: And the napkins are a fabric that we had sewn up at the drycleaner. It's a little bit of an upgrade from a paper napkin to use a cloth napkin.

Nate holds up a handcrafted God's eye made of sticks and yarn. A close-up of the God's eye sitting atop a made-up place setting. Nate places a God's eye atop a place setting.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Get the kids involved.

NATE: And these, I think, are my favorite thing. This is how you get the kids involved, and they're very easy to make. You can find the instructions online. If you don't want to do this as an art project, then you can do something else. But the point is, you just lay something on top of the napkin to make it feel special. Something that the kids helped you make that you supervised.

Nate sets three rustic white clay vases down in a row in the center of the dining table. Greenery bursts from the top of each vase. A close-up of the greenery on the table.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Use backyard greenery.

NATE: For floral, as straightforward as possible. Greenery--these can be leaves from outside. Cut them short. Do three of the same vases. Again, you can reuse all of these things for different holidays, but the point of this is making dad feel special.

A small red Target bullseye logo appears in a white box of black text over a geometric black and white patterned print.