Target House patio refresh video transcript

Back in 1996 when St. Jude and Target came together to form their first partnership, we realized that there was a lack of housing for patients and families staying here long-term. We envisioned a place that they could come together and build a sense of community while they were going through similar things. And that vision became a reality in Target House. Target house is awesome. They really make you feel like you can do it because when you face cancer it doesn't feel like you can do anything. So they really make it seem, like, manageable. This is a mission to treat the sickest children from all over the world. And they never have to pay. We're here at Target House today to refresh the backyard pavilion space. We're building benches and chairs and bikes so that these families really feel like they're at home and not just in other buildings. To volunteer here and to truly see and experience the work that is being done by St. Jude and our volunteers is very rewarding and life-changing for a lot of team members. It's just mind-blowing what we are able to provide for these families and it's fun to just be one set of hands in that whole process--it's amazing. You can throw money at any organization, right. You can throw money into any nonprofit and feel like, "You know what? I did my part. I'm good to go." But if you really want to leave a legacy, and if you really want to impact lives, I think it's very important that you get your hands dirty, and you get involved in the experience. I have a new appreciation for my father after building all those bikes 'cause it was so hard to put them together, but then to see them enjoy it, you just stand back and, like, "Wow. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do that."  You know? It's really cool. I'm really excited about the basketball net. I know that my Asher, he's 11, so her brother's gonna love it. - When people give up their time and make the trip to come to Memphis and to be here, I want them to see the joy that the families get. It makes a difference. - Target House provides you with more than a place to stay. It's being able to make coffee in your pajamas. It's being able to tuck your kids in in their own room with their own toys. It's not just a place to stay. It's so much more than that. It is so much security. So it's just wonderful and I'm grateful.