C9 Champion: A New Kind of Strong video transcript

A white Target Bullseye logo appears on a black background. The logo spins, revealing the white and yellow C9 Champion logo. Upbeat music plays. The C9 Champion logo expands, transitioning to a woman in blue and black athletic attire, clinging to a climbing rope extending up in front of an corrugated metal wall outdoors. A close-up reveals the woman ascending the rope, white chalk spraying from her right hand and her left arm, amputated just below the elbow joint. A man in gray workout clothes, lying facedown on a grass football field, pushes himself upwards with his hands, arching his back. Three women in a brightly lit industrial-looking space perform a choreographed dance in ballet shoes while a man stands beside a stationary camera recording them. LIZZY HOWELL: I started dancing when I was five. I started with ballet. Lizzy rests her hand on a ballet bar in the dance space as she smiles and speaks to the camera. White text appears to her right in the middle of the screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: Lizzy Howell Ballerina LIZZY: Hi, I'm Lizzy, and I love to dance. Keith Mitchell sits barefoot on the grass and stretches his back. A camera crew sets up equipment in front of the football field stands. Keith throws a football in the direction of the stands. KEITH MITCHELL: I suffered a spinal contusion my last season playing. The identity of football was kind of taken. Keith stands on the football field as he speaks. White text appears to his right in the middle of the screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: Keith Mitchell Yogi KEITH: I'm Keith Mitchell, former professional football player turned yogi. A film crew bustles around in the outdoor workout area as a woman fixes Kendra Bailey's hair. A man holds a clapperboard in front of Kendra's face as she stands behind a massive rubber tire. KENDRA BAILEY: I'm capable of way more than I give myself credit for. Kendra stands in front of the corrugated metal wall and speaks to the camera. White text appears to her left in the middle of the screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: Kendra Bailey Adaptive Athlete KENDRA: My name is Kendra Bailey, and I'm an adaptive athlete. Kendra poses, flexing her muscles amid various weightlifting equipment, while two members of the film crew capture her pose. A woman standing behind the film crew holds up a smartphone, recording the three women dancing in the studio. In slow motion, the three women gracefully flourish their legs and arms. LIZZY: Dance, to me, is an emotional release. So if I'm having a good day, I go to jazz class; if I'm having a bad day, I go to contemporary class and just let it all out. A woman adjusts Lizzy's hair in the dance studio. LIZZY: I can't imagine my life without it. Keith holds his hands out as he speaks. Then a camera crane extends down from the top of the screen as he sits on the field. A man walks under the camera, holding up a clapperboard. From a side view, Keith lifts himself into the air with his hands, his feet extended and crossed out to the side, as he faces the camera crane. From a front shot along the grass, the camera reveals Keith holding his feet in the air. A pencil drawing on a black board reveals a figure drawn in the same pose. A crew member points to a screen showing Keith on the field. KEITH: Football was the only thing I ever gave myself a chance to do. But through the practice of yoga, it taught me how to develop other aspects of myself. Kendra rests the back of her right hand on her left arm as she speaks. Then Kendra stands at the base of the climbing rope, staring up with a resolute expression. KENDRA: I showed up on competition day not realizing I had to be able to climb a rope, and I had never done that before in my life. I was back in the athlete warm-up area just terrified. I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to do this thing. A crew member approaches Kendra, motioning to the rope as he converses with her. Then Kendra approaches the rope, grips it with her hand, hooks her leg around it, and begins to climb. A man wearing a camera rig slowly approaches her as he records. KENDRA: I got with a few of my adaptive friends, and they gave me some pointers, and I ended up doing seven more rope climbs in the competition. I loved it because it forced me outside my comfort zone. A man wearing a camera rig records Lizzy dancing alone in the studio. She spins in graceful circles as crew members watch her on-screen. LIZZY: If you want to do any kind of sport and you're not the stereotypical person to do that sport, if it's something that you love, you should do it. In a tripod pose on the field, Keith straightens his legs into the air while the camera mounted on the crane records him. KEITH: We've known a traditional strength--lifting weights and doing all the activity; but this is the internal strength. A woman adjusts one of Kendra's leggings as she stands behind the tire lying at her feet. A man holds up a clapperboard in front of the man wearing the camera rig. The crew members move out of the way of the camera. Then Kendra squats down and lifts the massive tire upright. The man in the camera rig walks backward, recording, as Kendra pushes the tire over. KENDRA: A new kind of strong entails changing what the expectations are, raising the bar, and surprising not only the people watching what we're doing but surprising ourselves, too, in what we're capable of. A white Target Bullseye logo and white text details appear on a black background. ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW behind the scenes at Target read more at www.target.com/abullseyeview · follow us at @TargetNews