Mother's Day Beauty video transcript

A basket of yellow and pink flowers sits upon a large red ball outside of the entrance to Target. Two young women run towards each other and embrace. White text appears below them.



Jenn Im Lifestyle Vlogger

Iris Beilin Beauty Vlogger

IRIS: Hello!
JENN: Hey.
IRIS: How are you, love?
JENN: Good to see you.
IRIS: Good to see you, too.
JENN: I know.
IRIS: Hmm.
Jenn and Iris spot a red envelope sticking out of the basket of flowers and open it. JENN: This looks like it's...
JENN AND IRIS: Our challenge.

IRIS: Yes, let's see. "Welcome, daughters. On this special day, we have gathered to celebrate moms in an amazing way. Your challenge is to put together a day of gratitude for the woman that loves you the most with a beauty kit and an afternoon of pampering. So go off, enjoy the day. "We wish you luck with your quest to create the perfect Mother's Day gift for the woman who always knows best."

JENN: Aw. So it's about our moms. IRIS: I'm excited.
JENN: I know. Okay, let's go.
IRIS: Yes.

Jenn and Iris rush off camera, still holding the note. White text appears over the middle of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Mother's Day Challenge,


JENN: Basket!

Iris and Jenn run towards the basket of flowers sitting right in front of the camera, pick it up, and dash off again.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Happy Together, TargetStyle®

IRIS: Let's go.

Iris and Jenn stand in the beauty aisle at Target examining white, well-lit shelves of products. Iris holds a basket and reaches up and selects a facial mask.

IRIS: Skin care. JENN: Ooh.

IRIS: This is perfect for the spa day that we're gonna give our moms, so we're gonna throw some of those in the bag.

Iris selects a face mask and drops it into her basket.

IRIS: You should get some of that.

JENN: I know.

Iris selects a long, thin, box from a selection of colors.

IRIS: What kind of makeup that your mom likes?

JENN: My mom likes pretty natural, just dewy skin. So I think I'm gonna try and find a couple highlighters for her.

IRIS: Ooh, that would be good. My mom loves a red lip.


IRIS: Listen, red lip and an eyebrow and mascara. That's it. She be like, "Just give me that, and that's it."

Jenn and Iris select colorful tubes of lotion from the shelves. They choose brightly patterned packages of wipes as they continue to speak.

JENN: My mom actually speaks a little bit of Spanish.

IRIS: Are you serious?

JENN: Yeah.

IRIS: Oh, that's gonna be perfect...

JENN: I know.

IRIS: Because my mom is gonna be trying to speak English. That's gonna be-- Oh, my gosh.

We see a close-up of Iris and Jenn's hands selecting foundation compacts and eye shadow palettes from the shelves.

IRIS: I'm gonna grab one, too.

Iris and Jenn stroll out of Target pushing a cart overflowing with bags and flowers.

JENN: Pretty sure we got everything.

Jenn and Iris sit on a white couch in a brightly-lit living room.

IRIS: This right here is gonna be very special for them.

JENN: It's next level. We're giving them a spa experience, makeovers.

IRIS: We're stepping our game up.

JENN: Mm-hmm.

IRIS: That's what it is. Let's get into the situation here.

The camera pans across the items the girls bought at Target, including candles and a basket of makeup and spa products. They begin to select objects and put them into brightly colored makeup bags.

JENN: Okay.
IRIS: Ooh, this is nice. She loves painting her nails.
Jenn picks up a box containing a tube of liquid eyeliner and shows it to Iris.
JENN: [gasps] Oh, my gosh. Liquid liner. I'm gonna try and put a cat eye on my mom. IRIS: Do it.
JENN: Just, like, a little fleek.

The girls hold up a square, pink camera and make silly faces as the camera flashes.

Their hands continue to select makeup items from the basket and add them to their piles. Iris adds the camera to her makeup bag.

JENN: I think this year we're going the extra mile. IRIS: We're going all out.
JENN: No meals this time. We're giving them a full... IRIS: Pampering session.

JENN: I feel like they're gonna come pretty soon.

IRIS: I know. We should start wrapping up, 'cause they are.

The girls close up the makeup bags and arrange a printed selfie in a white basket filled with goodies.

JENN: I feel like my basket's pretty much all done.

Two women open a glass French door and enter the room. Jenn and Iris whip their heads around and stand up to greet them.

IRIS: Ooh, they're here. Mamas are here. JENN: Oh, my gosh.
IRIS: I'm so excited.
JENN: Hi, Mama.

IRIS: Good to see you.

WOMAN: ¿Cómo estás?

WOMAN: Te ves linda.

The group sits down together on the couch.

JENN: I am so happy that we got to get together for Mother's Day. We wanted to treat you guys with the mother pampering spa day.

WOMAN: Gracias.
WOMAN: Thank you. I love you. IRIS: You guys are so cute.

The mothers begin to go through their gifts with their daughters.

WOMAN: ¿Todo esto? ¿Todo?
IRIS: Mm-hmm. Para ti.
WOMAN: Es el que me gusta.
IRIS: Yeah, so she loves red lips. So this right here-- we're gonna put it on. WOMAN: Rojo.

IRIS: Rojo. So we're ready to go. Let's get pampered.

The mothers sit in front of a large bathroom mirror, draped in grey, loose-fitting shirts. Iris and Jenn stand behind them as they talk.

IRIS: Hello. Are we ready? Okay, so what are we gonna start with? JENN: I'm gonna probably do, like, a cat eye first thing.
IRIS: Ooh, nice. Okay.
JENN: Yeah. What about yourself?

IRIS: She wants a red lip. JENN: Red lip?

IRIS: Yeah, for sure. So red lip with a little bit of-- We're gonna try the highlight. Remember I told you that she's not used to that? And then a little bit of color on the cheeks to just give it some color.

Jenn stands in front of her mother gesturing to her face as the two converse in their native language.

JENN: Okay. Deep breath. This is my first time ever doing liner.

Iris and Jenn carefully apply makeup to their mothers' faces.

IRIS: Go for it. I'm over here rooting for you.

JENN: All right. It's so fluffy.

Jenn, having finished applying mascara to her mother, stands back and admires her mother in the mirror.

IRIS: I know. Let me see. Ooh.

We see a close-up of Jenn's hands as she dusts a large, fluffy brush with powder and taps it on the side of the compact. She holds the brush next to her mother's face and pauses before the camera cuts to Iris's mother's face being dusted with foundation.

IRIS: Just pop a little on the cheeks to enhance. Oh, that's pretty.

Iris applies bright red lipstick to her mother.

IRIS: Ooh, yeah, she's gonna love this one.

JENN: Uh-huh.

Jenn's mother looks over to Iris and gasps with delight.

WOMAN: [gasps] Wow.

IRIS: Look at that.

Iris and Jenn high five each other in the mirror as their mothers smile on.

IRIS: We did what we planned. We killed it.

WOMAN: Best Mother's Day.

All four women look into the mirror and smile as Iris and Jenn hug their mother's shoulders.

ALL: Happy Mother's Day.

IRIS: You guys look so pretty! I love it!

WOMAN: Ay, qué linda! Thank you. Gracias, hija.

The camera pans across a white countertop surface littered with pictures and makeup items. The white Target Bullseye logo appears over the top with white text below.