Billboard Latin American Music Awards Target Music Video video transcript

A white Target Bullseye lights up in front of a pink background. Upbeat music plays. A woman wears headphones and dances behind a table holding two turntables. Four women appear and dance in unison toward the camera. White text pops in. ON SCREEN TEXT: Un, dos, tres, ¡pam!,


The four women appear quickly one at a time in front of the camera and apply makeup. The women dance together in the pink room.
The DJ dances in her headphones.
The music stops as a green record is flipped over on a green turntable.

Music resumes as a man and woman dance together in beach clothes in front of a green background.

Three women in bathing suits put on baseball caps forward, then backwards.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Media vuelta, TargetStyle.

A lizard wears a miniature baseball cap sideways.
The man lifts the hood off of a grill and and flips meat.
A piece of meat flies toward his dancing partner and she catches it on a plate.
The man and woman dance together.
The whole group dances.
Music stops as a white Target Bullseye lights up in front of a purple background.
A woman sits on rectangles with two basketballs. Music resumes, now with a percussive beat. The woman jumps off of the boxes.
She passes the balls to two other women and dances while they dribble.
A man and a younger boy dance together.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Hasta abajo, TargetStyle.

The young boy spins around on his hands.
A dog wearing a gold chain stands on a rectangle.
A woman dances and moves her hands.
The group dances together.
One of the women crawls toward the camera on the floor.
The screen slides up and a line of women dance together in a room with yellow walls. The women split as the camera approaches.
A young girl twirls a Hula-Hoop and dances.


Three bottles of hot sauce, held by three hands, dance around.

Three women sit at a yellow table and dance.

The table is shown from above. It is filled with yellow foods. A tray spins around, then the camera spins.

A yellow bag of sugar is poured into a yellow teacup until it overflows.

A man dances and places a saxophone.

Women appear from both sides of the screen and dance.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Bailemos, TargetStyle.

A yellow vinyl record sits on a record player. The camera approaches.
The Target Bullseye on the record remains white as the vinyl changes to purple, green, pink, then red. White text bumps the Target Bullseye up.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Cuenta con más. Paga menos.