Honest Beauty Makeovers video transcript

Jessica Alba poses for a picture in front of an Honest Beauty display in a Target store. Upbeat music plays.

Quick shots of the various Honest Beauty products on the display are flashed.

JESSICA: It's really exciting to launch Honest Beauty at Target.

Jessica and a man in a white button-down shirt stand near the display while having cameras and microphones pointed at them.

JESSICA: I love Target because it is a one-stop shop for all of the things that you need and now you can get Honest Beauty, which is great.

She addresses someone off-camera near the display.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Jessica Alba
Founder The Honest Company

Honest Beauty

A young woman stands near Jessica, amazed. They shake hands.
The young woman applies makeup to the back of her hand as others look on.
Jessica shakes a bottle of liquid.
JESSICA: For me, you really got to care about the people first.
The young woman sits in a chair between Jessica and the other man. She rubs her hands on her face. Jessica addresses someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Jessica Alba
Founder The Honest Company

Honest Beauty
JESSICA: It's awesome whenever I see anybody trying Honest Beauty.

Jessica holds up a mirror for the woman to look into.

JESSICA: What's fun about giving someone a makeover is, they start off one way, and then after you do a little makeover, they just hold themselves differently, and look at themselves differently in the mirror.

Jessica applies makeup to the young woman's face. The young woman smiles wide.

Jessica addresses someone off-camera.

Jessica applies makeup to the woman's face and they laugh.

JESSICA: It's so nice just to bring that little bit of joy into someone's life.

Jessica holds up several tubes of lipstick for the young woman to choose.

JESSICA: It really is such a passion project. It came from a real need that I had as far as, like, the quality of ingredients mixed with the efficacy.

Jessica places something on a table filled with makeup supplies. Various beauty products are organized into clear glasses.

The young woman applies red lipstick while Jessica holds up a mirror for her.

Someone holds up a smartphone and takes video of Jessica and the young woman.

JESSICA: No matter what category we're in, what is that next level that we can deliver on service and the quality of products?

The young woman finishes applies makeup and smacks her lips. Jessica speaks to someone off-camera.
Jessica sprays the young woman's face with a bottle.
The young woman looks in a large mirror and smiles.

JESSICA: Some of the best reactions that I saw today-- people being surprised by how strong the pigments are and how the concealer really works and the foundation really works, but it doesn't cover you up and make you somebody else.

Different shades of concealer are shown on the table. Jessica and the young woman talk near the display. Jessica addresses someone off-camera.
Jessica and the young woman hug.

JESSICA: It just enhances who you are.

Jessica holds up a smartphone to take a selfie with the young woman.
The screen fades to white and black text appears next to a Target Bullseye.

behind the scenes at Target