Easter Magic video transcript

An Easter basket containing a red envelope with a white Target Bullseye as well as an Easter bunny sits on a large red ball outside a Target location. Zach and Naomi enter view from either side of the screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: Zach King Naomi Davis Digital Magician Lifestyle Influencer NAOMI: Hey, Zach. ZACH: Hey, good to see you again. NAOMI: How are you? The two high-five. ZACH: I'm doing well. NAOMI: Okay, what is this? ZACH: This is cool. I think we got a challenge. NAOMI: Let's check this out. Naomi opens the red envelope and reads from the slip of paper inside. NAOMI: "So, here's the deal: we know a crew of kids who want to celebrate Easter in an epic way, and we need your help in making it happen." ZACH: Huh. NAOMI: "The challenge is to put together five Easter baskets and the coolest, most magical celebration using their drawings as inspiration." Let's go. ZACH: That's really cool. NAOMI: So, where are the drawings? ZACH: Maybe they're in this Easter egg. Zach picks up a plastic egg from the basket. He opens it and holds up the plastic Easter grass for Naomi to see. ZACH: Huh. Zach extends his arm and the Easter grass turns into paper. NAOMI: Oh, my gosh. ZACH: Wow, look at these drawings. NAOMI: How cute are these? Is that an Easter Bunny family? ZACH: The whole family right there getting ready for Easter. Zach flips through the pages and looks at the drawings. ZACH: Cool, so we're gonna make baskets based on these drawings. ON SCREEN TEXT: Easter Challenge, TargetStyle. NAOMI: So it looks like these kids really love their bunnies. Zach pushes a cart through an aisle at Target as Naomi holds the drawings. ON SCREEN TEXT: HappyTogether, TargetStyle. ZACH: Oh, the Peeps aisle! NAOMI: Perfect. Let's get them some Peeps. Zach picks up a package of Peeps from the shelf. ZACH: Let's get 'em a lot of Peeps. Zach grabs more peeps and a blue stuffed bunny. ZACH: Stand back. NAOMI: Oh, my gosh. What's happening? Zach tosses the bunny into the air and blue Peeps packages rain from above. ZACH: Ta-da! NAOMI: Okay, that is a lot of Peeps. ZACH: They are gonna love that. NAOMI: Okay, let's get some baskets. ZACH: Cool. Naomi browses through colorful baskets. Zach picks ups an arm full of chocolate bunnies wrapped in gold foil. Naomi puts a basket into her shopping cart and playfully taps another basket on her head. Zach picks up more Rees's Peanut Butter Cups than he can carry. Zach and Naomi walk through an aisle with the drawings and a cart. ZACH: These kids love color, so... NAOMI: Should we come up with a color palette? ZACH: Yeah, you're in charge of that. NAOMI: Let's do every color possible. The two grab colorful napkins, plates, and eggs from the shelves. NAOMI: Zach, I think the kids are gonna love this. ZACH: Yeah, we got enough for everybody. NAOMI: So exciting. Zach pushes the full cart towards the exit with Naomi. They look at each other and high-five. Zach Jumps and cheers as they exit the store. Now outside, Naomi and Zach study the drawings. ZACH: Stuffed--stuffed bunnies? NAOMI: I think this is an golden egg, a chocolate egg, and I have a golden egg, so golden egg... The two put together Easter baskets based on the drawings. They stand behind a table full of baskets, eggs, and supplies. Naomi picks up a golden bunny face purse on a shoulder strap. NAOMI: I kind of want this for me. ZACH: I'm even gonna decorate the basket with a few of these. This will be, uh... Zach takes a row of yellow Peeps from their container. NAOMI: That's darling. Zach takes a bite from one of the Peeps. NAOMI: (laughs) ZACH: One for me. NAOMI: As a mom of three little ones myself, some healthier snacks are always really nice. ZACH: Give it some personality. Zach puts adhesive plastic eyes on one of the baskets. Naomi and Zach hold up their full baskets. ZACH: You know you want this basket. NAOMI: I know, the loose candy is actually quite a nice touch. I might steal that for my kids' Easter baskets this year, just a little sprinkle sprinkle. The two drop loose candy over the baskets on the table. NAOMI: Okay. ZACH: This looks awesome. NAOMI: Yeah. The two high-five. ZACH: Yard? NAOMI: Let's go decorate. ZACH: Party time. They head for the backyard. NAOMI: Zach, this looks amazing. ZACH: Fabulous. Naomi carries a plate of Easter grass and flowers and places it on a table. They place and arrange decorations on a table. NAOMI: Do you know what I realized, Zach? I actually need a few more mini eggs for on top of these cupcakes. ZACH: Oh, I totally got you. Zach picks up a yellow plastic egg and throws it into the air. It erupts in a shower of mini eggs. ZACH: Ta-da! NAOMI: Oh, my gosh! Perfect! That was amazing. Naomi picks up a bowl of the mini eggs and places them on her plate. NAOMI: Looking good. Zach places balloons around the yard. The two hang a streamer. Zach walks through a gate with a large stuffed unicorn slung over his shoulders. They place white plastic chairs next to each other. They stand near their finished baskets. NAOMI: Everything's set. Just missing the kids. Kids run through a gate into the backyard and scream happily. A young girl tries to grab a balloon from a dog's mouth. ZACH: Do you guys remember these drawings? Zach, Naomi, and the kids stand near the baskets. Naomi shows the kids their drawings. KIDS: Yes! NAOMI: So we took this challenge, and we tried to create Easter baskets for each of you based on your beautiful drawings. ZACH: You drew a really cool picture, so we wanted to give you this basket that we made. Zach hands the boy a small blue wagon filled with candy and a stuffed bunny. BOY: Whoa! ZACH: Happy Easter. BOY: Thank you. ZACH: It's so heavy 'cause it's so full of Easter candy. A young boy holds a very full green basket. A young girl opens a golden egg and sees mini eggs inside. GIRL: Whoa! NAOMI: Do you guys know what these are? Do you like these candies? GIRL: (laughing) A girl puts heart-shaped sunglasses on. ZACH: How's that? Two puppies chase a young girl carrying a balloon. Two young boys sit on the grass and watch Zach. ZACH: Can you handle another surprise? Zach kneels next to a puppy. He holds a white sheet in front of it. When he quickly moves the sheet, the puppy has been replaced with a rabbit. ZACH: Ta-da! KIDS: Yay! The kids clap and cheer. Zach holds the rabbit as the kids pet it. NAOMI: This challenge was definitely an unexpected but creative way to celebrate Easter. Naomi holds a plate filled with Easter grass and cupcakes as a girl picks up a cupcake. Naomi places blueberries onto a young girl's plate. ZACH AND NAOMI: One, two, three. Naomi, Zach, and the kids stand near the table and cheer. ALL: Happy Easter! A young girl screams. The white Target bullseye logo appears over a background of Easter eggs laying in the grass. ON SCREEN TEXT: Shop Target.com/Easter