Behind the Scenes of Victoria Beckham for Target video transcript

A tech crew sets up camera and lighting equipment on an expansive lawn outside a mansion. A BRIESE focus.2 140 reflector on a tall stand faces a cement arch. Men lift a wide, white screen up a hill and hold it above a metal platform as another man positions a large metal tripod underneath it.

VICTORIA BECKHAM: I've been having conversations with Target for quite a few years about working with them.

A large crowd of people gather among lighting equipment in a spacious room of the mansion. Victoria Beckham stands in the room and interviews. White text in a transparent gray box slides in from the left.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Victoria Beckham Designer, Creative Director

VICTORIA: VVB is the younger sister to my Ready to Wear collection. I started it in 2011 when I was pregnant with Harper.

Pushpins hold rows of photographs of models wearing various outfits in place on a white surface. Victoria converses with a group of women as a man brushes one of the women's hair.

VICTORIA: The inspiration behind this collection was fairy tale.

Victoria motions to herself with her hands as she speaks. Then a tall model in a black and orange dress stands beside a young girl in a similarly designed black and pink dress as women seated at a table look on.

VICTORIA: I'm reading my life with Harper and what we do as mother and daughter not just with regards to the clothes, but I created some little coloring books and sticker books, and, you know, it's things that myself and Harper do in England together.

Victoria stands and poses with several models. A woman draws on a large piece of cloth, decorated with bee prints, spread across the floor. Then Victoria sits at a table, holding out various pieces of baby clothes on hangers, and examines them. She converses with other women gathered around the table as she holds a printed dress.

VICTORIA: This is celebrating my relationship with my daughter, and I think it's great that other women can do exactly the same.

Victoria hands a dress on a hanger to a woman standing next to her. Then she browses through several dresses hanging on a rack.

VICTORIA: The inspiration behind this campaign was a world of possibilities--make-believe, imagination, and the unexpected.

A tall model in a bee-print sleeveless spaghetti strap top and black skirt steps up to Victoria seated at a table.

VICTORIA: I'm excited to be working with Target because they do this so well.

Victoria stands in the large space of the mansion and holds her hands out in front of her as she speaks.

VICTORIA: The collaborations that they do with designers are so great.

A model, wearing a long, black shirt printed with images of photorealistic flowers, examines herself in a large vanity mirror. She turns and smiles. Then a woman holds out a black dress printed with bees and beetles.

VICTORIA: And the fact that they asked me to work with them was such an honor.

A woman in a black T-shirt and another woman in a white buttoned shirt stand beside each other. The camera pans a tall model in a black and orange dress.

VICTORIA: I see this collection being worn by everyone everywhere. It's fun, it's functional, and it's really cool as well.

Victoria brushes a hand through her hair as she speaks.

VICTORIA: I will wear absolutely everything. I think with this collection, I've been very, very honest, and Harper loves it too. She loves all the little dresses. It definitely, definitely feels like VVB. I'm so, so proud of this collection.

The screen fades to white, and a red Target Bullseye logo appears.