George W. Bush Portraits of Courage Event video transcript

Footage of an art gallery with paintings hanging on the wall fades in from a black screen. Upbeat music plays.

The camera zooms out from red text on a white background to reveal that it is placed in the gallery.


MIGUEL HOWE: "Portraits of Courage" is a story about the relationship between a Commander-in- Chief, President Bush, and the men and women that served with him, that served under him.

A still image of George W. Bush painting appears.
Miguel Howe stands in the gallery in front of a painting filled with the faces of many men. ON SCREEN TEXT: Col. Miguel Howe

Director, Military Service Initiative George W. Bush Institute

The camera pans from right to left past paintings of men hanging on the wall in the gallery.

MIGUEL HOWE: So we see warriors that President Bush has come to personally know.

Quick shots of several more portraits hanging on the walls.

MIGUEL HOWE: As a nation, we do a tremendous job with the visible wounds, but for a number of reasons, we've got to get a heck of a lot better when it comes to addressing the invisible wounds of war.

Several paintings of men with prosthetic legs playing golf are shown.
A man wearing a jacket with "USA" on the back above an American flag is shown standing in an arena. George W. Bush sits in an arena and talks with two men in military uniform.
Several people observe the gallery.
Miguel Howe stands in the gallery.

MIGUEL HOWE: Great organizations like Target set the example when it comes to knowing, understanding, and connecting to veterans, and by knowing and understand the men and women that you see painted here, you also get to know and understand everyone who's worn the uniform on behalf of this great nation.

The camera pans from the bottom to the top of a wall filled with portraits of men.

A man in a suit stands near portraits in the gallery.

A video projected on a wall is shown. Men in military uniform carry rifles. The video transitions and shows a crowd greeting George W. Bush.

Miguel Howe stands in the gallery.

MIGUEL HOWE: This exhibit does not exist without resources and support.

The camera pans from right to left over portraits on the wall.

MIGUEL HOWE: "Portraits of Courage" is really a story of love, honor, and respect.

Miguel Howe continues speaking in the gallery.

MIGUEL HOWE: I think it's a reaffirmation of what a great country we have.

George W. Bush, flanked by others, rides a bike and carries an American flag while putting his fist in the air.

The camera shows a portrait of Sergeant Jay Fain hanging on the wall in the gallery.

JAY FAIN: I'm so honored to be part of something like this.

Jay Fain stands next to his portrait in the gallery while cameras flash.

JAY FAIN: You know, I'm part of something bigger than just myself.

A hardcover book, "Portraits of Courage" lays on a wood table.

JAY FAIN: I'm glad that I can be part of something that's gonna help in the future with other veterans.

Jay Fain stands in front of his portrait and addresses someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Sergeant Jay Fain Team 43 Alumnus

JAY FAIN: They can see these and they can reach out to guys like us.

A portrait of a man in a suit using crutches is shown.

JAY FAIN: We've been through it all and we can help them, like, mentor them, to get them to where they should be and where they need to be for their own personal health, and it's not just something that we can't just look away from.

A portrait of a woman with a prosthetic leg dancing with a man is shown. A man in a white t-shirt in a portrait is shown.

Jay Fain stands next to his portrait.

Portraits come into clear view as the camera focuses on them.

The camera pans through the whole gallery.

JOHNNIE YELLOCK: Just being in this room, in this hall, this exhibit at the Bush Center is--it's overwhelming.

A man touches a woman's shoulder in a portrait.

A man holds a child in a portrait on the wall.

JOHNNIE YELLOCK: It's incredible to see that our prior Commander-in-Chief--for him to dedicate so much of his time and effort just to pay his respects was absolutely incredible for me and my family.

Johnnie Yellock stands in the gallery.


George W. Bush holds his book and stands in the gallery with Johnnie, Jay, and two other men. He touches Johnnie on the shoulder and speaks.

Johnnie Yellock stands in the gallery.

JOHNNIE YELLOCK: And this is just a snapshot.

Three portraits hang on the wall in the gallery.

JOHNNIE YELLOCK: It's more about the overall effect of this entire exhibit.

A portrait of a man with a glass eye hangs on the wall in the gallery next to a collage of photos of George W. Bush riding bikes.

Johnnie Yellock stands in the gallery.

JOHNNIE YELLOCK: It's so much more about the impact of all of us as a whole. We can't do anything with just one of us. It takes all of us working together, and that's what is represented by this exhibit.

The camera pans over a collage of portraits of men. The video loses focus and the Target Bullseye appears next to white text.

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