GRAMMYs behind the scenes video transcript

Lil Yachty moonwalks while pulling a Target cart backwards in front of a white background. Carly Rae Jepsen sits in the cart. Red text appears as they move across the screen. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock's "It Takes Two" plays.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Carly Rae Jepsen & Lil Yachty
The cart reappears from off-screen. Lil Yachty kneels in it and rows with an oar while wearing a VR headset. Carly chases the cart. The red text changes as the cross the screen.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Behind The Scenes
Carly and Lil Yachty stand in front of people constructing the set for the video and address the camera.
CARLY: We're here today at a Target shoot for the Grammys. We are covering the song "It Takes Two."
Lil Yachty holds up two fingers to the camera and Carly laughs.
CARLY: Having a little dance party.
A water stands tall in front of a cloudy blue sky. A building nearby reads "Stage 9".
Spotlights stand and shine on set.
ON SCREEN TEXT: A camera quickly moves through racks of clothing.
A row of Target carts are wheeled in.
The camera rises over a row of Target checkout stations.
Mike WiLL Made-It wears sunglasses and addresses the camera.
Music Producer
MIKE: One thing about me is, like, I always been a genre-bending person, and trying something that nobody else would, like, think about.
Mike walks towards the checkout stations.
CARLY (singing): It takes two to make it outta sight.
Roman Coppola sits in a director's chair and speaks into a microphone.
ROMAN: And action.
A camera on a crane swoops overhead.
Dancers in red polos and customers dance on the checkout stations.
MIKE: Bringing all the elements back from, like, the original track and just dissecting that and then coming back and making it ours.
Mike sits on a rolling cabinet.
A man watches the dancing on a monitor.
Mike speaks into a phone and hangs it up.
MIKE: Hit it!
LIL YACHTY (singing): I wanna rock right now.
Dancers in red polos and khakis dance and flip in slow motion.
MANDY: Come on, it's "It Takes Two." Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock.
Mandy stands near set pieces and addresses someone off-camera.
MANDY: It's, like, one of my favorite songs growing up.
Mandy talks to a young dancer.
MANDY: And to have a remix and a redo of this song I think just shows it to a new generation.
The young dancer places a vinyl copy of Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock's album on the checkout conveyor belt.
Quick shots of checkout stations behind moved around while people dance around them.
Carly dances and sings while people watch and look on in monitors.
CARLY: When I heard about Mike Will Made-It and Lil Yachty being involved, I kind of had to say yes.
Carly poses in a red dress in front of women in black dresses.
The lighting on the set changes from a bright white to a dark blue.
Dancers on hoverboards are silhouetted in front of the blue background as they spin.
Two colorful walls spread apart as dancers come out in a cloud of smoke.
LIL YACHTY: It was real fun, you know. I'm thankful for Target, you know. It was dope to see how it came together.
Lil Yachty addresses the camera.
Low shot of legs coming towards the camera in smoke.
CARLY: I've never done a session quite like that before.
Lil Yachty spins around on a hoverboard while people dance around him.
Carly and Lil Yachty stand together and address the camera.
LIL YACHTY: Yeah, but we got it done, you know. It was pretty cool remaking such a big song.
Lil Yachty spins around and dances while wearing a VR headset.
LIL YACHTY: You know, it was a lot of pressure. It was an interesting process.
CARLY: It takes a village. (laughs)
LIL YACHTY: Yeah, it takes way more than two. It takes, like...
CARLY: It takes a lot.
Lil Yachty raps on a monitor.
Dancers in white and red stand in front of a green background while people look on.
Bullseye sits in an inflatable pirate raft and barks.
Lil Yachty lays in an inflatable raft while people dance around him.
CARLY (singing): It takes two to make a thing go right.
Roman stands on set and addresses someone off-camera.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Roman Coppola
ROMAN: I've never done something like this before, so that's actually what attracted me to it.
Roman stands in a huge rotating cube room where every surface is covered in Bounce dryer sheet logos.
ROMAN: You know, I've done commercials. I've done music videos.
A young dancer dressed in all white dances in the cube room.
ROMAN: I've done other things that are similar.
Lil Yachty, dressed in all white, dances in the rotating room.
ROMAN: What's unique about it, it's gonna play only one time on TV at the Grammys.
Lil Yachty poses with the young dancer.
Time lapse video of people moving around the set.
Carly walks backwards and dances while Lil Yachty follows.
CARLY: They've done an incredible job of making it, like, surprise after surprise after surprise, so it's a lot of eye candy.
Carly and Lil Yachty dance in front of freezer doors filled with Klondike bars. Women in bathing suits move the Klondike bars aside and climb out of the freezers.
Female dancers in bathing suits, goggles, and swim caps dance in front of the freezer doors.
Quick shots of Carly and the swimmers on a monitor, Roman speaking into a microphone and waving his hand, followed by the swimmers diving off a platform onto a mat.
CARLY (singing): You and me, baby, it takes two.
CARLY: No, I would say I never expected I'd be doing something quite like this.
Carly addresses the camera.
A man operates a camera while watching a monitor.
Carly addresses the camera
CARLY: Like, I rap, for example.
Dancers in white dance and flip through a cleaning aisle.
CARLY: Never thought that I would do that. (laughs)
People in a dark room peel plastic sheeting off the floor in front of spotlights.
CARLY (singing): It takes two. It ta--It ta--it takes two. It ta--it takes two.
Roman leads several people and points something out.
Dancers converge and dance in the dark room.
CARLY: So I hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes. We're still in the thick of it, but I think it's gonna be a rad video and I can't wait for you to see it.
Carly addresses the camera.
Dancers dance in the dark room as people watch on monitors.
CARLY (singing): It takes two to make a thing to right.
LIL YACHTY: I wanna make sure y'all check out the "It Takes Two" video with me and Carly.
Lil Yachty addresses the camera.
LIL YACHTY: Thank you for watching.
CARLY: Love you guys!
The screen fades to white.