Target Gets into the Soccer Game video transcript

A red Target Bullseye logo on a white background moves towards the screen and disappears, revealing a stadium full of cheering sports fans. They wear team colors and wave flags. On a stadium soccer pitch, a team wearing blue and white jerseys faces off against a team wearing yellow and blue. A yellow and blue team member kicks the ball at the goal. Four blue and white team members jump up to block the ball, but it curves around them and into the top left corner of the net, just above the neon-green-clad goalkeeper. The goalkeeper, David Ousted, looks up over his shoulder as he lies on the pitch near the goal. The yellow and blue team clusters together around the player who kicked the goal for a celebratory bear hug. ON SCREEN TEXT: get ready MALE ANNOUNCER: And Gashi steps up--Oh, it's a laser! What a goal! Absolutely superb. In a series of shots, various teams are visible dribbling and kicking goals in game play. Percussive music plays. ANNOUNCER: Werner's trying to tee up. There it is! Oh! What about that? On a busy pitch, a player jumps up and hits the airborne ball into the goal with his head. The goalkeeper dives too late. The player cheers after making a goal. ON SCREEN TEXT: feel the game ANNOUNCER: Focus here. There's the goal. It's in. Goal! In a series of shots, various teams are visible kicking goals in game play. Fans in a packed stadium cheer. A player looks up into the stands as he slides on his knees in celebration near the edge of the pitch. A man standing in front of packed stands leads the fans in a rhythmic cheer. Aggressive percussive music plays. The ball is deflected from the goal, intercepted by a offensive player, and returned to the net for a successful goal. The crowd raises a deafening cheer. The fans wave flags in the stands. ON SCREEN TEXT: hear the roar In a series of shots, various teams' goalkeepers block balls. In one shot, the ball bounces off the crossbar and back out onto the pitch. A drumline wearing Xbox shirts bounces rhythmically. Aggressive percussive music continues playing. ANNOUNCER: Off the board! In a series of shots, fans clad in various team colors cheer and wave flags and T-shirts in packed stands. A soccer ball flies up from the pitch, straight into the camera. Red text appears on a white background. Aggressive percussive music continues playing. ON SCREEN TEXT: we're ready to play A red Target Bullseye logo appears on the white background. One by one, other logos appear beside the Target Bullseye logo: the red, white, and blue MLS logo, the gray and light blue Minnesota United FC logo with its black loon, the red, blue, and black U.S. Youth Soccer logo, the red, white, and blue U.S. Soccer Foundation logo. Finally, the large red Target Bullseye logo reappears alone on the white background and the aggressive percussive music fades.