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Upbeat electronic music plays. 

Against a beige backdrop, Anna Kaiser, dressed in black and white workout clothes, dances on a white mat. Then she punches the air. Dark gray and black text pops on-screen to her right. 


ON SCREEN TEXT: Questions 

ON SCREEN TEXT: with Anna Kaiser 

Anna leaps into the air and reaches towards the camera with her hands open. Then she stands, laughing, with her hands on her hips. 

As Anna dances with her hands in the air, the screen fades to black and transitions to Anna, dressed in black workout clothes, holding on to a stationary bar positioned behind her back. White stools, gray weights, and a mobile rack of hanging workout clothes covers the white platform to her right. She stretches forward, kneeling down toward the mat, while speaking to a person off-screen to her left. 

WOMAN: Hey, Anna. While we have you here today, mind if we ask you a few questions? 

ANNA KAISER: Fire away. 

A black cap with the letters "AK" and "Anna Kaiser" stitched on the front hangs on the bar next to a black resistance band. Camera lights flash. 

WOMAN: What is AKT? 

Anna stands on the white mat with her legs spread wide and thrusts her hands into the air all around her. Dark gray text appears over her as she punches and elbows the air. Then she kicks her leg high into the air. 




ANNA: AKT is a results-driven program that changes every two weeks so you get the best of the best of fitness in one place. 

Anna holds the handles of a resistance band, presses the middle of the band against the mat with her foot, and stretches her arms into the air. Dark gray text appears to her left. Then, wearing a black, sleeveless hooded sweatshirt, she dances across the mat and kicks her leg into the air. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: high intensity 

interval training 

ON SCREEN TEXT: circuit training 

ON SCREEN TEXT: dance based 

interval training 


ANNA: Anything from high-intensity interval training, circuit training, dance-based interval training, toning. 

Anna gestures as she speaks. 

ANNA: And if you can't make it to one of our three New York studios, we have an app! 

Anna leaps across the mat, thrusting her hands up into the air. Large, uppercase, dark gray text that reads "What's going on with" and a red Target Bullseye logo followed by a question mark fill the screen in front of her. 

WOMAN: Everyone wants to know: what's going on with you and Target this January? 

Anna holds a bottle of water as she speaks. She sets the bottle down on one of the stools and walks over to the rack of clothes, pulling out a black, meshed, sleeveless workout shirt. Then she gestures as she speaks. 



ANNA: I'm so excited. My collection with C9 for Target looks incredible. We have 30 different pieces to choose from. Some of my favorites are these amazing mesh tops. The best part about the collection is that you can layer it. You can put one thing on top of the other. 

She pulls a light gray stocking cap off the rack and puts it on. Then she pulls the hood of her black, sleeveless sweatshirt up over the hat. 

ANNA: These hats are so comfortable and warm. You can wear them in the gym or outside of the gym. Style up your fitness differently based on who you are. 

With her hood up, Anna plants her hand on the mat, kicks her legs into the air over her head, and lands back on her feet. 

ANNA: You can have fun with clothes and fun with fitness fashion. 

The camera focuses on a white cap set on a stool. Gray text on the front of the cap reads, "Gym Hair, Don't Care." Then Anna leans on the bar as she speaks. 

WOMAN: Who do you train? 

ANNA: We train so many people, but right now I am personally working with Kelly Ripa and Shakira, Karlie Kloss, Hilary Duff, Emmy Rossum. We have over 800 clients coming into our studios every single week. 

Anna performs a pirouette on the mat. 

WOMAN: What is your personal favorite workout? 

ANNA: My favorite workout right now is Happy Hour. 

Anna dances across the mat, shaking her head, jumping into the air, and clapping. Then, in wide stance, she stretches her arms out to her sides. 

ANNA: It's a dance-based interval workout that incorporates dance cardio, strength training, and dynamic flexibility, so you get it all in one super efficient and effective, most of all fun, workout. 

Anna speaks to the camera. 

ANNA: Thank you for joining in. Check out my collection with C9 Champion for Target launching January 1st. 

Upbeat electronic music plays. 

Wearing her black sweatshirt, Anna kicks her leg into the air. Then wearing a black stocking cap, white workout shirt, and black shorts, she dances across the mat, before spinning, removing the cap, and throwing it off to the side. 

A blurred shot reveals Anna standing on the mat, holding her hands behind her head. A white Target Bullseye logo and white text details appear. 


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The screen fades to white. A black Target Bullseye logo appears above black text and a black C9 Champion logo.