Target + KaBOOM! video transcript

Upbeat music plays. A boy, seen through the circular hole of a playground set colored yellow on top and turquoise on the bottom, turns and smiles at the camera. A red circle expands in the hole, filling the screen. White text appears. ON SCREEN TEXT: Target + KaBOOM! believe in the power of play A white Target Bullseye logo expands, filling the screen with white and red rings. White text appears in the red center of the logo. ON SCREEN TEXT: So we asked kids to design their dream playground The rings swipe offscreen from the top, counterclockwise, leaving the red circular center in place over children drawing on large pads of white paper with purple headers and white text that reads, "MY DREAM PLAYGROUND." Then the red circle swipes offscreen counterclockwise. Children seated in groups at tables color on their pads with markers. A red circle with white text expands and shrinks over stop-motion video of a large group of people in red shirts constructing an outdoor playground. ON SCREEN TEXT: And together we built it The red circle in the center of the screen shrinks an disappears as another red circle with white text appears in the lower left corner. ON SCREEN TEXT: And we're building 28 more A boy pushes another child seated in a round, rotating plastic chair. Children climb across monkey bars as a red circle with white text appears. ON SCREEN TEXT: Giving 72,000 kids a place to play The circle expands, filling the screen and creating a red border around a circular image of a girl crawling through a yellow tube. White text appears in the center of the screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: Target + KaBOOM! ON SCREEN TEXT: Together for Play The image in the center expands, filling the screen as the girl emerges from the tube and smiles into the camera. A red Target Bullseye logo appears on a white background.