Behind the Scenes of Target's The Toycracker video transcript

John Legend speaks to the camera while wearing a royalty costume. He has a gold crown on and a purple cape. Behind him is a tall, regal, purple-and-gold throne with a steering wheel and horns. Light instrumental music plays. JOHN LEGEND: So we're shooting "The Toycracker," which is this special Target reinterpretation of "The Nutcracker" story, and I am excited. I'm having a fun time. In a dark room, John sits at a grand piano in his costume. A candelabra sits on top of the piano. Two men stand next to him. In the same room, now with the lights on, John Legend continues sitting at the piano. Now, Chrissy Teigen stands behind him, and two men stand across from them. There are papers on the piano. All four speak with each other. A behind-the-scenes shot reveals cameramen operating cameras as John, Chrissy, and a young girl act on set. Chrissy wears a red Nutcracker uniform with a hat, and the girl wears a red dress and white tights. All three of them stand on snowy ground. JOHN: It's my wife and I. She's playing the Nutcracker and I'm playing the Rat King. John continues speaking to the camera. In the room with the piano, the lights are once again dark. John steps behind the piano, and gestures with his left hand. A man stands offstage. JOHN (SINGING): I know I seem so mean, but I was just a fool. CHRISSY TEIGEN: Yeah, I love these characters, and to be the Nutcracker now is so cool, and to see him as the Rat King, and to see our take on it, our spin on it, and to see these characters having so much fun. In front of a set with a tree in the background, Chrissy speaks to the camera while wearing her full Nutcracker costume. A behind-the-scenes shot reveals a person watching three TVs with what's being filmed live. On the TVs, John stands behind the piano. On a set, Chrissy bends down and holds her hand out to the girl, who takes it. Through a TV screen, Chrissy is visible sitting on a larger-than-life red Christmas package. She raises her finger to her mouth. Chrissy and the girl stand on set. To their left, a red door is open, revealing a cut-out of Elmo standing with his arms spread wide. A man stands behind Elmo. The camera zooms out to reveal a woman holding a SLR camera. Another open door is also visible, and a cut-out Troll stands in the doorway. To the left of the Troll is a large cut-out of Emmet from "The Lego Movie." CHRISSY: We have Elmo, we have a LEGO. I mean, there's Barbies in the corner. On set, John drives the purple-and-gold throne car and comes to a halt. A boom mic operator stands to the left, holding a mic. JOHN: This is special. You know, this is something that's really groundbreaking for a retailer to do something like this, and invest so heavily in creating some really cool new content, and I'm excited to be a part of it. John continues speaking to the camera. On a TV screen, many dresses and clothes part to the right or left. The camera moves to the left, revealing a crowd of people watching the TV. John and Chrissy stand next to each other in costume in a group of people. John stands at the piano and then leans over it. A camera on a dolly is in front of him. On a set with large red speakers, a lit-up microphone hangs from the ceiling. On the left, John takes the microphone as a man holding a camera films him. To the right, Chrissy and the girl stand next to each other, watching John as he walks towards them. JOHN (RAPPING): Here we go, here we go. First up at bat. Rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat, tat, tat. John continues rapping and Chrissy and the girl continue watching as a man circles the two of them, filming. Chrissy continues speaking to the camera. CHRISSY: I think everyone's gonna be really excited because, for us, it's the first thing that John and I have ever done together. This, for me, feels like something that my daughter's gonna be so excited to watch when she grows up. John and Chrissy dance on set. John's purple cape wraps around Chrissy's shoulders. A camera on a pulley starts near the ground and moves upward. John throws the lit-up microphone over to Chrissy. She grabs it as the lights on stage changes from yellow to red. She walks to the middle of the room as a cameraman films her. John puts his hand on a cut-out of Emmet from "The Lego Movie" and turns it away from him as he looks the other direction. John continues speaking to the camera. JOHN: People are gonna love it. It's a full-on musical with some really cool songs and some really fun performances, and I think it's gonna get people in the holiday mood. A behind-the-scenes shot reveals a person watching three TVs with what's being filmed live. On the TVs, John stands up from the piano and places his hands on the top of it. Chrissy holds the lit-up microphone. She gestures with her shoulders. A red door opens to reveal a Troll cut-out. Chrissy turns to face the girl. Chrissy continues speaking to the camera. CHRISSY: There's no one that would ever do a campaign like this but Target. John, Chrissy, and three men stand around the piano with papers on top of the piano having a conversation. JOHN: Yeah, 'cause then the music interjects for a while, and then you can come back in. MAN: Yeah. JOHN (RECORDED SINGING): Raise your voice and join the fun. MAN: That's here. CHRISSY (RECORDED SINGING): Make some room for everyone. MAN: That's here. Chrissy continues speaking to the camera. CHRISSY: It's euphoric. It's cool. It's young. It's hip. It's idol--it's just really fun to be a part of. It's very quintessential Target. On a set washed in yellow lights with a tree with lights hanging on it in the background and a Target Bullseye logo on the ground, Chrissy, John, and the girl dance around the set while a cameraman films them. JOHN (SINGING): Look around at all we've got. ALL (singing): Doesn't this Christmas hit the spot? Chrissy, John, and the girl stand in front of the tree and dance. JOHN: Yeah, I'm a little bit sad I have to wait three more months till Christmas, but, you know, I'm already in the mood now. Maybe I'll go off and make a Christmas album or something. [laughs] John continues speaking to the camera. John, Chrissy, and the girl continue dancing in front of the tree. Chrissy and John both turn to face the girl and put their arms out as the yellow light dims, keeping a spotlight around them, and the curtain closes. A white Target Bullseye logo and white text appear onscreen. ON SCREEN TEXT: A BULLSEYE VIEW behind the scenes at Target read more at · follow us at @TargetNews ALL (SINGING): The more, the merrier.