team members video transcript

White text appears on a black background. Upbeat music plays. ON SCREEN TEXT: this is what we do... Cut to a man standing in front of a building. He turns and smiles. White text appears on-screen beside him. ON SCREEN TEXT: interactive project leader Cut to a brunette woman. She smiles. ON SCREEN TEXT: project manager Cut to an African-American man. He gives a small smile. ON SCREEN TEXT: business analyst A brunette woman smiles and crosses her arms as she stands in a red stairwell. ON SCREEN TEXT: transportation analyst White text appears on a red background. ON SCREEN TEXT: ...and this is who we are Cut to an African-American man. He smiles and crosses his arms. ON SCREEN TEXT: youth football coach A blonde woman gives a small smile as she tilts her head to the side. ON SCREEN TEXT: film director A brunette woman sits in a loft, looks to the right, and smiles. ON SCREEN TEXT: creative wrangler A man spins around in a red chair and smiles. A woman with wavy light brown hair stands in an industrial loft space and smiles. ON SCREEN TEXT: inventor A man and woman sit side by side in leather chairs, look at each other, and laugh. ON SCREEN TEXT: crime fighters A brunette man wearing plaid smiles. ON SCREEN TEXT: food futurist Two African-American men stand together and laugh. A brunette woman stands in a modern industrial loft space. She smiles with her arms crossed. ON SCREEN TEXT: negotiator A red-haired balding man wearing an orange shirt bounces slightly with his eyes closed. ON SCREEN TEXT: mover A brunette woman wearing a gray sweater wiggles her shoulders with her eyes closed. ON SCREEN TEXT: shaker A brunette man smiles widely and laughs. A man wearing a gray shift smiles and looks to the side as he stands against a brick wall. ON SCREEN TEXT: poet A woman with her hair in a bun smiles as she stands before the red stairwell. ON SCREEN TEXT: runner A red-haired man sits in a leather chair in a studio space and smiles. ON SCREEN TEXT: artist A man with a blue checkered shirt smiles. A blonde woman with glasses smiles. The man and woman stand on both sides of a bearded man. All three smile. ON SCREEN TEXT: trendsetters A blonde woman laughs with a brunette woman on a leather sofa. ON SCREEN TEXT: storytellers A dark-haired man wearing an orange shift laughs. Three men stand side by side with their arms crossed and smile. ON SCREEN TEXT: brothers A blonde woman wearing a black jacket and gray shirt smiles. A brunette woman smiles and laughs. ON SCREEN TEXT: optimist Cut to a blurred shot that slowly clears, revealing a smiling woman in glasses. A blonde woman in goofy red glasses stands with a group of other women wearing black Minnesota shirts. She holds up a colorful instrument and begins to play as all of the women dance together and play other instruments. ON SCREEN TEXT: rockers A woman with red wavy hair laughs. ON SCREEN TEXT: yogi A blonde woman wearing a patterned white jacket smiles. ON SCREEN TEXT: dream maker A man dances outside. An Asian woman throws a basketball behind her on a basketball court. A woman raises her arms up high. A brunette girl runs beside two other women. One holds a basketball as they laugh. ON SCREEN TEXT: teammates Two women and a man sit outside on red Adirondack chairs and laugh. Quick shots reveal various people smiling and laughing. Two woman stand outside, smile, and embrace. The brunette woman standing in the modern industrial loft gives a small smile. Quick shots reveal various featured members of the Target team smiling. ON SCREEN TEXT: one team Cut to a white Target Bullseye logo on a black background