TK video transcript



A white countertop covered with white and gold objects fades in from a white screen. Light, bouncy music plays. 

A woman peels a sheet from a Post-it note pad and bookmarks a page. Cheerful whistling joins the song. 

The woman places several binder clips in a dish filled with thumbtacks. 

She places an envelope bag on a desk and slides a notepad into it. 

The woman pulls golden polka-dotted tape from a dispenser. 

She lifts a note from a Post-it pad and sticks it to the edge of her computer monitor. 

Three white magazine files with gold detailing sit on a shelf holding notebooks. 

A glass jar filled with erasers is shown. 

A white and gold metallic stapler is placed next to a keyboard on a desk. 

The screen fades to white and black text appears. 


The black text fades to white. 

The Target Bullseye appears in black along with the Sugar Paper logo. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: sugar paper 


The screen fades to white.