TK video transcript



Children and adults chat and browse a showroom filled with children's clothing. 

A young girl sits at a table and chats with two women. 

A young boy holds a pair of jeans and talks as a woman listens. 

A group of children pose in front of a white background for a picture as adults look on. 

JULIE: I'm Julie Guggemos and I'm the senior vice president of Product Design and Development. 

Julie stands in the showroom and speaks to someone off-camera. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Julie Guggemos 

SVP of Product Design and Development. Target 

A pennant that says "Cat & Jack" is shown. 


JULIE: We decided to introduce Cat & Jack, our new brand for kids because kids is a signature category and we want to be famous for it. 

A girl sits at a table and laughs. 

A boy in a vest chats with a group of adults. 

A young boy stands with his hands behind his head and talks. 

Some lamps sit on a table beneath the "Cat & Jack" pennant. 

JULIE: We did a lot of research on the competitive landscape and we talked to our guests. 

Julie speaks to someone off-camera. 

JULIE: Over 95% of the parents surveyed talk to their kids and bring them into the decision-making process. 

A woman nods her head and talks to a child. 

A woman sitting at a table talks to a young girl. 

A woman writes on a notepad as another woman holds a dress that a young girl looks at. 

JULIE: We engaged with hundreds of kids from the beginning of the brand development all the way through the end. 

A group of children laugh as they pose for a picture. 

A young boy sits in a director’s chair near a rack of clothes. 

MARQUAN: It's not the parents this time. What do the kids think about the clothes? 

A young boy sits and chats with a group of people. 

A boy sits at a table and speaks to a woman that is holding up clothes. 

MARQUAN: We were voting on clothing, we were trying to help them and say which clothing pieces do we like the best, what do we think should go in the Cat & Jack collection, what do we not like. 

Rows of designs are hang on a board. 

Swatches of fabric hang on a board. 

A girl in a dotted shirt holds a balloon and dances. 

A young girl now sits in the director’s chair. 

HANNA: It was really cool because, like, you got to see all the designers and how they make everything. 

A woman uses a sewing machine to stich denim. 

Pictures of children hang on a white wall. 

A different young girl sits in the director’s chair. 

MAYA: On a school day I think, like, "Will this be okay to, like, run in, in P.E.?" 

Maya holds a top and examines it. 

MAYA: "But what will be comfortable throughout the day?" 

Maya browses clothes hanging on a rack. 

Hanna sits in the director’s chair. 

HANNA: I want to make sure that it matches and I want to have a good reputation when I walk in. 

A mannequin wears patterned leggings and a polka dot dress with a star on it. 

JULIE: Cat & Jack ranges from baby all the way up through pre-teen. 

Several mannequins wear clothes from the Cat & Jack collection. 

JULIE: It's over 2,000 items and every product is designed with the utmost attention to detail. 

Lots of denim jeans hang on the wall. 


A boy bends over and points out a detail on a pair of pants laying on the floor. 

JULIE: It is unprecedented in the market in terms of the design and quality for the price point. 

A group of patterned button-down shirts hang on a wall. 

JULIE: Introducing a new brand at Target is really a dream come true for my team. 

Julie sits in the showroom and speaks to someone off-camera. 

Three boys dance in front of the white background. 

Children laugh as a child is bonked on the head with a toy hammer. 

JULIE: It's an opportunity to start from scratch and develop something that's truly unique and original to Target. 

Mannequins show off some Cat & Jack clothes below a white "Cat & Jack" logo. 

A blurred lens obscures the children posing for a picture. The Target Bullseye appears along with white text. 


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