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A woman stands near a Target cart while looking at her phone and tapping it. 

ANNOUNCER: Shop and save in style with Cartwheel on oodles of stuff you already buy at Target, from table lamps to taco shells. 

A weight, a pillow, baby clothes and yogurt fall into the Target cart, along with white dollar signs. 

An iPhone slides down from the top of the screen. It shows off the Cartwheel app. 

The screen swipes sideways and shows a hand holding an iPhone displaying the Cartwheel app. 

ANNOUNCER: Just check out the offers. Add the ones you can use and-- 

The woman turns around and looks at something off-screen. She pulls her glasses down with both hands to get a better look. 

ANNOUNCER: What's this? Must have. 

An iPhone shows a video of an iPhone scanning the barcode of a decorative wicker horse. A barcode appears and is scanned by a device. 

ANNOUNCER: You can also scan fascinating finds in store then just show your bar code at checkout and ka-ching. 

The woman points at herself happily. A dollar amount beneath her continues to rise. 

The camera zooms out and shows several rows of other happy Cartwheel users with the amount they've saved listed beneath them. 

ANNOUNCER: The savings add up and up. 

Numbers and letters come from all corners of the screen to form words. 




The number continues to count up. 

ANNOUNCER: Millions of people agree and together have shopped and saved millions with Cartwheel. 

The Target Bullseye logo appears and moves into the Cartwheel app logo. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: cartwheel 

Target savings, mobile style. 

ANNOUNCER: Target savings, mobile style.