See How the Marimekko for Target Design Partnership Came to Life! video transcript

Bright instrumental music plays.

White tags with "marimekko" in black text hang off the end of fabric rolls stacked in a pile. White sheets printed with black flower-like patterns roll out of a machine. A long bar on a large machine pushes viscous black ink over the printed fabric.

The printed sheets cascade down into a folded pile. A person pages through a book with photos of brightly colored printed cloths and models posing in patterned dresses. Various books lie on printed cloth.

TIINA ALAHUHTA-KASKO: Marimekko was founded in 1951 to bring joy to people's everyday lives through the bold prints and colors.

Bright multicolored patterned cloth slides along a machine in a factory space. Brightly colored clothes hang on racks.

Various books with colored patterns lie on a table. A black and might photo shows two women standing in the arches of a large "m" hanging on a wall behind them. In another photo, Armi Ratia stands with her hands on her hips beside another woman, both dressed in black and white striped shirts.

TIINA: The company was founded by this visionary woman called Armi Ratia.

A woman in a blue, white, and yellow patterned shirt interviews. White text appears in the lower left corner. Various photos arranged on a wall reveal women in black and white striped shirts and dresses.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko President, Marimekko

TIINA: And she started to gather around herself this group of young female artists and creatives and asked them to create avant-garde prints that the world hadn't seen before.

The pages of a book lying on a table flip down, revealing brightly colored patterns. Rolls of colored and patterned fabrics hang on a wall.

TIINA: The heart and soul of the Marimekko lifestyle design comes from the prints.

A person begins to unroll a red flower-patterned cloth. People set photos of colored prints in a pile on a table.

TIINA: When I first heard about the interest of Target wanting to potentially do something special with Marimekko, something unique, I obviously got very energized.

A man in a suit jacket motions to a printed cup on a glass shelf as he converses with another man.

TIINA: Target is so known for being the leader in the design collaborations field.

People walk in the entrance of a glass and steel building beneath a sign that says "marimekko." Then a group of people walk up a flight of stairs.

TIINA: The whole project started by the Target team traveling to Helsinki.

A group of people sit around a large table in a spacious room, surrounded by large displays of colored patterns hanging on the walls and lying on tables. The people converse.

TIINA: We spent several, several days dreaming up the partnership together.

A woman converses with the man in the suit jacket. Then she converses with another man as he flips through a book of colored prints.

TIINA: And one of the core elements that both of us got very inspired was exactly the four seasons, which has such a big influence on the Finnish culture and hence also the Marimekko design and our kind of design aesthetic.

A person drops colored fabrics with circle-shaped patterns onto a table. Tiina interviews in a large space. A large photo hanging on a wall reveals a woman painting on a piece of cloth.

TIINA: The prints that we decided to include in the Target collection are designed by Maija Isola, who is probably the most known Marimekko designer of all time.

Various circles with colored prints on the front and "marimekko" on the back lie in a pile on a table.

Various books, papers, patterned cloths, and colored glasses sit on a conference table. Tiina gestures as she speaks.

TIINA: One of my favorites is the world around the tabletops.

A series of shots reveal tables decorated with various sets of brightly colored and patterned place mats, plates, and napkins.

TIINA: I think it so well represents the idea of spending time together with your loved ones around the table during the kind of endless summer night.

Tiina nods her head as she speaks. A series of shots reveals a variety of products, including dresses, garden tools, and dishes, printed with bright, colorful patterns.

TIINA: When you see the product being worn and being used in the everyday life of a person, that's the moment when you feel that you've succeeded.

Two women and a small girl pose in black and white printed clothes. A stack of blue, black, and white patterned pillows sit in a stack. Tiina smiles as she speaks.

TIINA: It's been an amazing journey working together with Target, and I can't wait to see the product arriving in the Target stores.

A blue tag with "marimekko for Target" in white text hangs in front of a black, white, and blue print cloth.