Zootopia Gear is Here! video transcript

A white sheep stands before a blurred multicolored background. As the camera closes in on the sheep's face, the sheep begins to scream. 

A group of stuffed fox dolls dressed in yellow button-down shirts, green plaid pants, and blue ties stand before a white background. The sheep continues to scream. 

The camera cuts to a close-up of the sheep's mouth as it continues to scream. 

A stuffed sheep doll wearing a blue houndstooth check shirt and large brown glasses appears on the screen. Two identical sheep dolls appear behind it. The sheep continues to scream. 

A large display of Zootopia clothing and toys appear before a white background. In front of the display are several trees and plants, a white road with a red border, and a stoplight displaying a green light with a Zootopia sign hanging from it. An illustrated fox and rabbit stand beneath the sign. The sheep stands across the road from the Zootopia display with its back to the camera. In the left corner of the screen, a small rodent pushes a tiny Target shopping cart containing a large stuffed rabbit. 

A rumbling sound replaces the sheep screaming. A large stampede of wild animals appears from the left side of the screen, including a camel, a kangaroo, a rhino, a zebra, a moose, a giraffe, a pig, a leopard, a lion, and a large elephant pushing a Target cart full of Zootopia products with its trunk. 

In close-up, the sheep turns its head to follow the stampede as it rushes across the screen. 

The animals continue to run, walk, and hop across the screen. A fox near the back of the stampede pushes a cart of Zootopia products across the screen. When the stampede passes, the display of Zootopia products in the background is nearly empty. A small elephant at the back of the stampede rushes to the display to take the last item from the shelf. 

In close-up, the sheep opens its mouth and screams again. 

A white plush Target Bullseye logo appears in the center of the screen on a red background. Large white text appears below the Bullseye. Smaller legal details appear at the bottom of the screen. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Exclusive Zootopia gear, only at Target. 

WOMAN: Zootopia gear is here, and it's every animal for themselves. 

The text below the Target Bullseye logo flips to reveal more white text. 

ON SCREEN TEXT: Expect More. Pay less.